ES Broadcast has been appointed as one of the first three new members of Grass Valley’s GV Media Universe (GVMU) Advanced Channel Partner Programme.

The programme exists to provide greater access and support for users transitioning to the highly productive cloud-based operational and business models that GV Media Universe enables.

As the UK’s first GVMU Advanced Channel Partner, ES Broadcast’s broadcast systems integration engineers will extend the reach and knowledge of Grass Valley’s AMPP (Agile Media Processing Platform) commercial, integration and technical teams to provide clients with an on-ramp to cloud-based workflows.

GV Media Universe designed to be leading cloud-based live production ecosystem

Jan Lange, Chief Revenue Officer for Grass Valley, commented: “GV Media Universe has been developed to become the leading cloud-based ecosystem for live media production companies around the world and partnerships with key industry players is fundamental to our cloud strategy.

“One of the early ideas around the GV Media Universe and AMPP was to make a frictionless user experience for customers, whether that be provisioning cloud instances or adding new capabilities to workflows. With the launch of the GVMU Advanced Channel Partner Programme, we were looking for companies that are already transitioning into cloud-based tools. ES Broadcast are leading the way in making a cloud-first future a reality.”

Cloud solutions and remote production central to ES Broadcast’s mission

ES Broadcast’s appointment to the GVMU Advanced Channel Partner Programme is a key element of the company’s mission to integrate cloud solutions – and wider remote production technologies – into its product and services portfolio.

“We have closely monitored the broadcast industry’s adoption of Cloud technology over the past two years, as a key focus of our Future Technologies Strategy,” said Jonathan Lyth, Group CTO for ES Broadcast.

“Our specific interest lies in how we can best integrate complementary Cloud solutions – and wider remote production in general – into the company’s traditional product and services portfolio. Our goal is to help users in our existing markets to adopt Cloud workflows and realise the advantages that come with that.

GV AMPP at the heart of ES Broadcast’s cloud offering

“We are very happy that Grass Valley is the first cloud partnership ES Broadcast enters into, particularly on the back of the lessons we have learned over the past 18 months,” continued Lyth.

“As with all the technology solutions we recommend to our clients, our focus is very much on the application of the right tool for the job. We can propose GV AMPP to our clients with conviction – both from a technical and commercial perspective – based on the granularity of AMPP’s workload-based model, the diversity of workloads it can offer, and the support we have seen.

“We expect AMPP to sit at the heart of our offering as cloud adoption gathers pace.”