Leading broadcast technology manufacturer Grass Valley today announced that ES Broadcast has made the single biggest purchase of its LDX 86N UHD cameras to date. The company has invested in 151 cameras and 15 Kahuna production switchers to prepare for major sporting events in 2020 and to meet increasing demand for UHD.

The new LDX 86N cameras will form the largest component of ES Broadcast’s fleet of UHD equipment and will be available to clients in Europe and the US. The cameras deliver native UHD and 3G/HD image capture, while optional IP outputs provide clients with a seamless migration path from SDI to IP.

Expanding Grass Valley LDX 86N camera fleet to meet increased demand

Ben Murphy, managing director of ES Broadcast, commented: “This is the latest evolution of our longstanding partnership with Grass Valley. We have a strong working relationship with them and real confidence in the quality of their solutions. The LDX 86N is one of the most advanced cameras on the market. We already have a significant fleet of UHD cameras, and this is our next phase of development.”

“Demand for UHD is increasing and our aim at ES Broadcast is to be an enabler of the new technology evolution. The market is now reaching a point where there is a critical mass of UHD projects,” added Alan Henry, commercial director of ES Broadcast. “We are really comfortable with the performance and reliability of the Grass Valley cameras and switchers. They’re truly world-class. Their addition to our extensive fleet means we have the increased bandwidth necessary to meet the rapidly growing UHD uptake from our clients.”

Latest collaboration between ES Broadcast and Grass Valley

Grass Valley’s President, Tim Shoulders, commented: “A commitment of this scale simply cannot be made without strong collaboration between our customer and us. ES Broadcast’s clearly defined needs were the catalyst and we used an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to ensure we were able to meet them. It’s gratifying to see this commitment recognised by our customer and we’re excited once again to support ES Broadcast as they continue to thrive.”

The addition of 12 Kahuna 9600 switchers – one with 6 M/Es, nine with 4 M/Es and two with 2 M/Es – and three 2 M/E Kahuna 6400 switchers to ES Broadcast’s equipment roster delivers seamless multi-format capability, the flexibility to input and output any resolution and handle SDI, IP or hybrid SDI/IP environments.

“We are very proud that ES Broadcast has once again turned to Grass Valley solutions as it drives into the next phase of growth. This is the largest single purchase of LDX 86N cameras worldwide and reiterates our ability to deliver the stunning images and future-ready capability that our customers demand,” said Tim Banks, vice president of sales, EMEA for Grass Valley.