Anton Bauer LP4 Quad charger with 4 Cine 90 VM V-Mount BatteriesAnton Bauer LP4 Quad charger with 4 Cine 90 VM V-Mount Batteries

Ex-Demo Anton Bauer LP4 Quad charger with 4 Cine 90 VM V-Mount Batteries

This unit is in a very good condition and in full working order as well it comes with 3 months warranty.

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Please note this is an Ex-Demo Anton Bauer LP4 Quad charger with 4 Cine 90 VM V-Mount Batteries. ES Broadcast carefully tests all ex-demo equipment prior to sale, and offers a six-month warranty. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not be of the specific model offered for sale. Accurate pictures of this model are available on request.

Anton Bauer | Cine 90 Power Kit

Multi-chemistry Quad simultaneous V-mount charger.

Anton Bauer LP4 quad charger supports Digital Battery Series (Cine 90) and features an efficient charging algorithm for multi-chemistry, simultaneous charging. This charger is nearly 40% more efficient than traditional chargers, which eliminates the need for a larger power supply.

The Anton Bauer Cine 90 VM battery is a lithium-ion 14.4V, 90 watt-hour battery designed for use with cameras and accessories that use V-Mount power connections.

Its compact, cube-like casing makes the Anton Bauer Cine 90 highly robust and a perfect fit for run-and-gun and built-up cinema rigs.

The Cine 90 battery is ideal for digital cinema cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA, AMIRA, and ALEXA Mini, as well as the RED Weapon, amongst others. It is also compatible with camera stabilizer systems – and will work with all existing Anton Bauer battery chargers.

The Anton Bauer battery includes a PowerTap connection, allowing you to power monitors, lights, wireless receivers and any other 14V accessory.

The Cine 90 battery delivers 12 amps of continuous power and incorporates Fuse Link technology. This protects surrounding battery cells, preventing catastrophic failure. Sensors in the battery detect temperature and over-current so that the Cine 90 should always deliver optimal battery performance.

Anton Bauer Cine 90 VM batteries feature an LCD screen which displays the remaining battery capacity. This is shown in the operating time left hen in use, and as a percentage when power is not being drawn.

*The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.

Mount: V Mount
Charging Position: Four
Warranty: MAXX II – Two year conditional warranty
Charging Specification: Simultaneous
AC power supply: No
Led indicators: Yes
Env green: Yes
Profile: Low profile, horizontal battery mounting
Power supply: Charger
Charging capability: 4 Position Simultaneous, Multi-Chemistry Fast Charging
WIFI control SW: Pending software release