ARRI WCU-4 Wireless Compact UnitARRI WCU-4 Wireless Compact Unit

ARRI WCU-4 Wireless Compact Unit

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The Axes and ALEXA Remote Control

ARRI Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 is a lightweight, ergonomic hand unit offering up to 3-axis lens control.

The large lens data display reflects ambient light and remains clearly visible even in direct sunlight, while the backlit focus knob and control buttons allow the WCU-4 to also be used in darkness.

Rugged and splash proof, it features an easy-to-read lens data display, vibrating feedback alerts that allow focus pullers to keep their eyes on the action and ALEXA remote control functionality.

The Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 combines three axes of lens control with a lens data display in a compact and ergonomic housing. Weighing around 780 grams including battery, it’s one of the lightest hand units in its class, providing unrivaled comfort during a long working day.

WCU-4 Main Features:

  • Ergonomic 3-axis lens control
  • Vibrating markers
  • Easy-to-read lens data display
  • Ultrasonic distance readout
  • Backlit focus knob with adjustable friction
  • Pre-marked focus rings
  • Focus tracking function
  • Remote REC and tally
  • Advanced ALEXA remote control
  • Lens programming interface

Special Features:Built-in vibration motor for tactile feedback
Focus knob:LED backlit rotary knob with adjustable friction, 3.0” diameter
16 bit native encoder resolution
Iris Slider:Fully sealed, splash- and dust-proof slider mechanism
14 bit native encoder resolution
Zoom Knob:Force sensitive knob
Ergonomic design
Display:Transflective TFT LC-Display (readable in bright sunlight)
3.0 inch diagonal
Housing:Durable and robust housing made of high-strength anodized aluminium
Sealed assembly with backlit display buttons and index marker
Mass:Approx. 780 grams including battery
Power Supply:NP-FM500H battery (Sony) or compatible batteries
BC-QM1 battery charger (Sony) or compatible chargers
Power via LCS cable through ARRI camera (cabled mode)
Operating Temperature:-20°C to +45°C
Software Updates:Via SD card
Supplied Accessories:1x user manual (english)
1x hand strap
1x lanyard
1x plain white focus ring
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