Canon CJ24ex7.5B IASE S 4K LensCanon CJ24ex7.5B IASE S 4K Lens

Canon CJ24ex7.5B IASE S 4K Lens

£11,995.00 exc. VAT


Canon CJ24ex7.5B

24x 4K UHD Portable Lens

This wide-angle lens with 24x zoom and a focal length of 7.5-180mm offers 4K performance with enhanced operability.

Such lens is perfect for studios or ENG applications. Its compact size and low weight support the high mobility shooting often entailed in studios, ENG or documentary applications.

Canon CJ24ex7.5B being part of the UHDgc series lens it supports 4K resolution which is maintained over its total focal range and across 16:9 image plane.

Extended optical dynamic range of this lens meets HDR imaging requirements, it also supports wider colour gamut specified in the international standard ITU-R BT.2020.

As such, ES Broadcast Hire is the first hire company in Europe able to offer you a line-up of Canon 4K glass spanning the complete range you need for UHD live productions – including CJ12, CJ20, CJ25, CJ45, UJ27, UJ86 and UJ90 lenses.


24x, 7.5-180mm wide-angle zoom (and 15.0 – 360mm with the built-in 2x extender)
f/1.8 maximum aperture
Built-in 2x extender
Digital drive unit
Superb build quality and durability



Focal Length

7.5-180mm (15 – 360mm with 2x extender)

Zoom ratio


Maximum Relative Aperture (F number)

1.01.08 (7.5-120mm)

1.02.07 (180mm)

Angular Field of View

65.2° x 39.6° (7.5mm)

3.1° x 1.7° (180mm)



Shooting Range at M.O.D

96.0×54.0 cm (7.5mm)

4.1×2.3 cm (180mm)

Approx. Size* (W X H X L)

Approx. 6.5 x 4.3 x 8.7 in./

Approx. 164.6 x 109.1 x 221.4 mm

Approx. Weight

Approx. 3.97 lbs/ 1.82 kg

(IRSE S, main unit only)