Canon UJ111x8.3B UHD Digisuper 111 4K LensCanon UJ111x8.3B UHD Digisuper 111 4K Lens

Canon UJ111x8.3B UHD DIGISUPER 111 4K Lens


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A versatile, fully featured | 4K Premium field lens

Canon UJ111x8.3B achieves exceptional optical performance exceeding 4K, delivering high resolution and high-contrast video capture.

Boasting a 111x zoom, the lens is ideal for a wide variety of outdoor broadcast situations thanks to advanced optical engineering and a generous use of fluorite and UD glass.

UJ111x8.3B is as well the first broadcast lens to feature ASC coating, which combines vapor-deposited multi-layer coatings with an ultra-low refractive index outermost layer.

Canon’s cutting-edge image stabilisation technology means you can be confident of a consistent, shake-free 4K image even at maximum zoom.


  • Outstanding 4K Premium optical performance
  • 111x | 8.3-925mm zoom range
  • Built-in 2x extender
  • Integral Image Stabilizer

The UJ111x8.3B and UJ122x8.2B slots into the expanding Canon 4K lens range, which also includes the UJ27 and UJ86, UJ90 box lenses, and CJ12 and CJ20 4K ENG lenses, giving you reliable, 4K live production without compromise in any scenario.

Canon UHD-DIGISUPER 111 (UJ111x8.3B) is scheduled to be available in the beginning of 2019*




Focal Length


(with Extender)

Zoom ratio


Maximum Relative Aperture (F number)

1.7 at (8.3-340 mm)
4.65 at (925 mm)

(with Extender)
3.4 at (16.6-680 mm)
9.3 at (1850 mm)

Angular Field of View

60.1°x 36.0° (8.3mm)
0.59°x 0.33° (925mm)

(with Extender)
32.3°x 18.5° (16.6mm)
0.30°x 0.17° (1850mm)


3.0 m*

Shooting Range at M.O.D

311.6×175.3cm* (8.3 mm)
2.9×1.6cm (925 mm)

(with Extender)
155.8×87.7cm* (16.6 mm)
1.5×0.8cm (1850 mm)

Approx. Size* (W X H X L)

approx. 9.9 x 10.1 x 25.1 in./approx. 250.6 x 255.5 x 637.4 mm

Approx. Weight

approx. 58.6 lbs / 26.6 kg