Canon XJ100 x 9.3BIE D DIGISUPER HD LensCanon XJ100 x 9.3BIE D DIGISUPER HD Lens

Canon XJ100x9.3BIE D DIGISUPER 100 HD Lens

Kit includes:
Canon XJ100x9.3BIE D lens
Canon hood cap
Canon rear cap (B4 mount)
Canon ZSD-300D zoom demand
Canon FPD-400D focus demand
2x control cables
Canon lens supporter
Wedge plate
Flight case

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The Canon XJ100 HD lens extends the focal length of its contemporaries in Canon’s XJ range, the XJ86 and XJ95.

The lens’ 9.3mm to 930mm (1860 mm with built-in 2x extender) focal range means that it is hugely adaptable to almost any long-distance shooting scenario. It is compatible with a wide range of B4-mount cameras. Pair it with any camera from our Sony HDC range, or our Grass Valley’s LDK and LDX cameras. The XJ series box lenses are complemented by our range of Canon HJ barrel lenses.

Enhanced image stabilization for confident zooming

The Canon XJ100 utilises the same superb image stabilization technology as these lenses, giving you confidence when using its quadruple-digit zoom capabilities. And the stabilization system recognises when you are panning. This minimises kickback and drift, meaning you can keep the IS switched on.

Canon’s Constant Angle Focusing System (CAFS) acts to reduce focus breathing to almost nothing. And the XJ100 has improved zoom demand, meaning better tracking at slow zoom speeds.

Perfect for sports and live events

With state-of-the-art Canon optical technology and design, the Canon XJ100 remains a high-end HD broadcast lens that is perfect for large sporting occasions and events like the British Open or the Glastonbury Festival.


Product Category

Field Lens

Product Series


Image Composition

Object Image Format

2/3 inch

Aspect Ratio


Object Image size

9.59 mm (H) x 5.39 mm (V)

Zoom Ratio

100 X

Focal Length Range


Focal Length Range with Extender


Angular Field of View

At 9.3mm
54.6o (H) x 32.4o (V)
At 930mm
0.59o (H) x 0.33o (V)

Angular Field of View with Extender

At 18.6mm
28.9o (H) x 16.5o (V)
At 1860mm
0.3o (H) x 0.17o (V)

Optical Brightness

Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number)

1 : 1.7 at 9.3mm~296mm
1 : 4.7 at 930mm (Ramping Characteristic)

Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number) with Extender

1 : 3.4 at 18.6mm~592mm
1 : 9.4 at 1860mm (Ramping Characteristic)

Scene Composition

MOD From Front of Lens

3.0 Meter

Scene Object Dimensions at MOD

276.4 cm x 155.5 cm at 9.3mm
2.76 cm x 1.56 cm at 930mm

Scene Object Dimensions at MOD with Extender

138.2 cm x 77.8 cm at 18.6 mm
1.38 cm x 0.78 cm at 1860mm

Physical Attributes


9.9in (250.6mm)


10.1in (255.5mm)


24in (610mm)


51.8 lbs (23.5kg)