Ex-Demo Sennheiser SK 5212-II Transmitter and EK 3241/GA3041 Receiver kitEx-Demo Sennheiser SK 5212-II Transmitter and EK 3241/GA3041 Receiver kit

Ex-Demo Sennheiser SK 5212-II Transmitter and EK 3241/GA3041 Receiver kit

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Please note this is an Ex-Demo Sennheiser SK 5212-II Transmitter and EK 3241/GA3041 Receiver kit. ES Broadcast carefully tests all ex-demo equipment prior to sale and offers a six-month warranty. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not be of the specific model offered for sale. Accurate pictures of this model are available on request.

Diversity Transmitter/Receiver Kit

SK 5212/EK 3241/GA3041

Sennheiser EK 3241 Receiver

The receiver can be easily and intuitively operated with a completely new user interface, which is similar to that of the SK 5212 bodypack transmitter. For a high operational reliability, the EK 3241 displays the battery status of the transmitter in detail. The receiver is extremely reliable; its full-metal case is weatherproof and robust.

The EK 3241 has a switching bandwidth of 36 MHz and frequencies that can be tuned in steps of 5 kHz, making the true-diversity receiver the perfect partner for Sennheiser’s current transmitter models SKM 5200-II and SK 5212-II.

Sennheiser SK5212-II Transmitter

The SK 5212-II bodypack transmitter combines reliability and diversity in a very small housing. Its compact design makes the transmitter inconspicuous and comfortable to wear.

The new extended switching bandwidth of up to 184 MHz provides extra flexibility. The transmission power can be adjusted to improve transmission duration while meeting regional regulations. Also new: the Low Intermodulation Mode (“LoI”) increases interference immunity, especially during multi-channel operation.

An input sensitivity range of -30 dB to +40 dB makes the transmitter suitable for use in quiet interview situations as well as with very powerful singing voices in musicals.

Sennheiser SK5212 and EK3041 kit is available as well.

Frequency response 606 – 790 MHz
776 – 866 MHz
614 – 697,9 MHz
614 – 798 MHz
470 – 638 MHz
Dimensions 53 x 60 x 17 mm
Connector AF: 3 pin special audio socket, RF: coaxial socket
Frequency response (Microphone) 60 – 20000 Hz
Compander HiDyn plus
THD, total harmonic distortion < 0,3 %
Weight approx. 120g incl. battery and Antenna
Storage temperature -25 °C à +70 °C
Operating temperature -10 °C à +55 °C
RF frequency range 470 – 866 MHz
RF output power typ. 50 mW (PWR.HI), 10 mW (PWR.LO), 10 mW (PWR.LoI)
Number of channels Frequency bank “FIX” with up to 59 factory-preset frequencies
Frequency bank “VAR” with 20 freely selectable frequencies (frequencies tunable in steps of 5 kHz)
Switching bandwidth Up to 184 MHz
Peak deviation +/- 56 kHz
Nominal deviation +/- 40 kHz
Operating time PWR.LO: approx. 11h, PWR.HI: approx. 5,5h, PWR.LoI: approx. 5,5 h
Power supply 1 AA battery
Current consumption PWR.LO: approx. 150 mA, PWR.HI: approx. 220mA, PWR.LoI: approx. 220 mA
Input voltage range 7,75 mV, sensitivity
Dynamic range typ. 110 dB (A)eff
High pass filter flat, 120 Hz switchable