Matthews 18x24 flagMatthews 18x24 flag

Ex-World Cup Matthews 18×24″ Flag

£62.50 exc. VAT
£75.00 inc. VAT


Units are ex-World Cup, in very good condition and with low hours. Warranty varies from unit to unit, with a minimum three months’ cover, or longer where the manufacturer warranty is still valid.

Matthew’s rectangular flag frame

Matthews Flags are square or rectangular frames with attached mounting pins. It controls natural or artificial light.
It can be used to shield the camera lens from flares, control spill light from other sources, or prevent light from reaching a specific area on set.

Newly designed 90° Flag frames will allow you to position the instrument over the top of the set wall or create a box with two or more units for better light control.

Dimensions18 X 24 X 0 inch (2 lbs)