Shape HAND5 Quick Handle Moose Bars with Rod BlockShape HAND5 Quick Handle Moose Bars with Rod Block

Ex-World Cup Shape HAND5 Quick Handle Rod Bloc

Available for despatch late January 2023. A 50% deposit is required to secure equipment.

£245.00 exc. VAT


Units are ex-World Cup, in very good condition and with low hours. Warranty varies from unit to unit, with a minimum three months’ cover, or longer where the manufacturer warranty is still valid.

Ex-World Cup Shape HAND5 Quick Handle Rod Bloc

The patented Shape push-button feature on both handles can rotate handles individually on a 360* axis.
All parts are CNC machined from high quality aircraft aluminium parts.

With two camera handle grips that each offer 360° rotation angle, the SHAPE HAND5 Quick handle rod bloc is professional video stabilisation device. 
Utilizing straightforward screw knob, you can fasten the handle to the camera platform. Simple attachment and removal is accomplished by push-button situated at the articulation. 
By moving the Quick Handle along the rods and adjusting the tiny red knob on the Rod Bloc, you may position accessories precisely. 

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  • Compatible with 15 mm rods
  • Single button for fast & easy adjustment of handle
  • Ergonomic handles with rubber handgrips for stability & precision
  • Stainless steel locking mechanism for durability
1.55 lbs / 0.70 kg
12.00 x 1.75 x 6.25 in
30.48 x 4.45 x 15.88 cm