Fujinon ERD-10A-D01M Digital Zoom Demand Controller for ENG/EFP LensesFujinon ERD-10A-D01M Digital Zoom Demand Controller for ENG/EFP Lenses

Fujinon ERD-10A-D01M Digital Zoom Demand Controller for ENG/EFP Lenses

Unit is in a perfect working condition and in full working order. Comes with 3 months warranty.

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Please note this is a Fujinon ERD-10A-D01M Digital Zoom Demand Controller. ES Broadcast carefully tests all used equipment prior to sale, and offers a three-month warranty. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not be of the specific model offered for sale. Accurate pictures of this model are available on request.

Digital Zoom Demand Controller

Fujinon ERD-10A-D01M Digital Zoom Demand Controller can be used to control the zoom on Fujinon ENG or EFP lenses that have Digital Drive Units attached.

Multiple units available.

Model NameDescriptionRM*RD / ZD**RM*RD / ZD**
FocusManualCFH-11Focus Grip
MCA-7Mounting Clamp
CFC-12-990Flexible Cable
FMM-6BFocus Manual Module
FMM-3CFocus Manual Module for 42x, 25x
ServoEPD-21A-A02Focus Position Demand Unit
MCA-7Mountind Clamp
FSP-13GFocus Servo Module
DIGITALEPD-4A-E12AFocus Position Demand Unit
MCA-06BCMounting Clamp
EBF-1Connection Cable
ZoomManualCFH-14Zoom Handle
MCA-7Mounting Clamp
CFC-12-990Flexible Cable
ZMM-6Zoom Manual Module
ServoERD-20A-A02Zoom Rate Demand Unit
MCA-7Mounting Clamp
DIGITALERD-10A-D01MZoom Rate Demand Unit
MCA-06BCMounting Clamp
OtherVRS-20VTR Control Unit
EXT-30Return Control Unit
ALH-117C-01ALens Suppoter for 42x
TS-P58AExternal OS-TECH adaptor
EA-12A-03BAOS-TECH Control Unit
ECE-1000(1m), 2000(2m), 3000(3m), 4000(4m), 5000(5m), 10000(10m)***Extention Cable for Focus Demand Unit & Zoom Rate Demand Unit
SA-206D-005Lens cable for PC
SA-206D-005*4Lens cable for PC for 42x, 25x
ECU-2B2x Extender Remote Change Unit
  • * Zoom Servo, Focus Servo     ex. ZA17 x 7.6 BE RM
  • ** Zoom Servo, Focus Manual     ex. HA22 x 7.3 BE RD
  • *** Longer Cables are also available.
  • *4 SA-206A-005 is specifically designed for HA25x, HA42x and A42x lenses.