Panasonic 8K ROI Camera SystemPanasonic 8K ROI Camera System

Panasonic 8K ROI Camera System

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One 8K Camera for Four Independent Virtual PTZ Controlled HD 1080p Feeds

8K ROI system is able to produce 4 different HD signals or “virtual cameras” from a single 8K camera system.

The 8K sensor produces a wide angle, large canvas, out of which four separate “crops” can be generated out of the processing unit.

The Panasonic 8K ROI system is able to reduce operational costs dramatically on many common events, making it well suited to sports broadcasting, staging and studio applications.

This ROI system consists of the 8K multi-purpose camera (AK-SHB800), a processing unit (AK-SHU800) and framing control software (AK-SFC101).


  • Features an 8K full-size CMOS image sensor.
  • Up to four separate HD videos can be cropped from a high-resolution, wide-angle 8K image, and each cropped image can be panned, tilted and zoomed individually.
  • Automatic wide-angle distortion correction function removes, in real time, distortion of images cropped from the periphery, thus realizing natural-looking images.
  • Cropping frames position can be preset.