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Ross Video Furio SE Studio Track-based camera system


Ross Video Furio SE Studio | Robotic Camera System

The Smart Evolution of Camera Robotics

Furio SE Studio offers high Performance with a powerful, ultra-linear lift design that combines elevation range and overall height with fast lift speed. This is combined with a fast, accurate and ultra-smooth robotic dolly to deliver the most dynamic moving shots possible. Ross Furio SE Studio systems are paired with either a VR100 or VR600 pan/tilt heads, depending on the payload requirements.

The all-new Carbon Fibre Design enables a taller lift without adding weight or sacrificing strength or rigidity. A long list of design enhancements guarantees the lift arrives safely, is easy to setup, operates flawlessly, and requires minimal servicing over its lifespan. Safety is designed into all aspects of the Furio SE, from eliminating pinch points, simplifying high voltage connections, and preventing derailments, to adding motion indicators and Electronic Stops (E-Stops).

Virtual Ready

Ross Robotic Systems were designed with virtual and augmented reality in mind. This makes them easy to install and operate in virtual environments. Such solution combines tracking enabled robotics with Xpression Motion Graphics, Acuity/Carbonite Production Switchers or openGear Signal Processing products.

Fast & Repeatable Moves

To eliminate backlash Ross introduced special gearboxes in 500, 600 and 700 Series pan-tilt heads to producing precise and highly repeatable movements.

Key Applications

  • Large Studio Productions and News
  • Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality
  • Assemblies
  • Live Venues / Stadiums
  • Houses of Worship
  • Education

Components of SE Studio

VR100 Head Furio SE Studio Pan / Tilt Head
VR600 Head Furio SE Studio High Payload Pan / Tilt Head
Dolly System Furio SE Studio Dolly with Silent Wheels™
BlackBird Three-wheeled Pedestal Base

For more cost effective solution CamBot heads are available.

FeaturesVR100 PT headVR600 PT head
Max. NET payload20 kg (44 lbs)57 kg (125 lbs)
Max. Pan/Tilt Speed0.001 – 60 deg/sec 0.001 – 90 deg/sec
Pan/Tilt Repeatability< 0.02 deg< 0.02 deg
Max. Prompter SizeMax. 12” (15”) Max. 20”
Weight Pan/Tilt Head15 kg (35 lbs)25 kg (55 lbs)
Power requirement24 V DC brick48 V DC brick
100-240 V AC100-240 V AC
Tracking for VS/ARYes Yes
FeaturesFurio SE VR100Furio SE VR600Furio SE VR100Furio SE VR600
Full DollyFull DollyPTZPTZ
Max. payload20 kg (44 lbs)30 kg (66 lbs) 20 kg (44 lbs) 57 kg (125 lbs)
Max. Prompter SizeMax. 15” Max. 19”Max. 15” Max. 21”
Min.- Max. Pan/Tilt Speed0.001 – 60 deg/sec0.001 – 90 deg/sec 0.001 – 60 deg/sec 0.001 – 90 deg/sec
Max. Track Speed1 – 3 m/s on straight trackN/A
0.5 – 1 m/s on curved track
(depends on payload and track length)
Max. Lift Speed15 cm/s (6”/ sec)15 cm/s (6”/ sec)
Max. Track Length30m (98 ft)N/A
Min. & Max. radius Curved Trackmin. 3 m (10 ft.) / unlimited maxN/A
any radius and section can be custom built
Pan/Tilt Repeatability < 0.02 deg< 0.02 deg < 0.02 deg< 0.02 deg
Track or Floor Repeatability<1 cmN/A
(absolute positioning)
Lift max. height optical camera center2208 mm (86.9”)2228 mm (87.7”)2223 mm (87.5”)2243 mm (88.3”)
Lift total range min/max871 mm (34.3”)871 mm (34.3”)
Lift payload123 kg (270 lbs) 123 kg (270 lbs)
Dolly Track width36 cm (14.17“) N/A
Dolly / Base89 cm x 46 cm x 23 cmMax 128 cm (50.5”)
Length x Width x Height(34.9” x 18.0” x 9”)
Total System Weight 104 kg (229 lbs)114 kg (251 lbs)101 kg (223 lbs)111 kg (245 lbs)
Tracking for VS/ARYes Yes