Simplylive ViBox Micro All in One Live Production SystemSimplylive ViBox Micro All in One Live Production System

Simplylive VIBOX MICRO All in One Live Production System

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Professional Solution for Single Camera, Downstream Turnaround & Emergency Backup Productions

ViBox Micro is a portable, high-quality all-in-one solution ideal for the single camera production, the fast downstream turnaround or the emergency backup option for OB trucks or studios.

With its small form-factor as well as innovative workflows and functions ViBox Micro is the only tool users need to produce cutting-edge content without thinking about the technology behind.

Featuring a compact, rugged 2RU chassis, ViBox Micro can take an incoming feed, add local audio (such as commentary) and graphics, insert pre-recorded sequences and clips, to produce a finished, broadcast quality program. The Simplylive ViBox Micro also features high resolution record and playback, allowing the creation of clips or highlights from the live feed to be added to the program or exported to digital storage. It also features live streaming capability, so you can use this solution for broadcast as well as for digital production to various platforms.

Using the ViBox Micro,you can ingest the incoming live feed, extract multiple tracks of embedded audio, mix them with local commentary, add graphics, insert opening sequences or any other pre-produced content such as promos, ads,etc. in order to produce a finished, professional quality broadcast. With the 1 SDI input, you can choose to stay on a single camera for the remainder of the event or use your router clean switch capability to switch between various live cameras.


  • Compact and lightweight 2RU chassis
  • Simple and Intuitive user interface
  • 1 SDI Input + 1 SDI Output
  • H264 Live Streaming
  • Internal or External Audio Mixing
  • Live Graphics, Internal or External (NDI)
  • VC-3 (DNxHD) Recording
  • Replays & Highlights

1 x HD SDI Input
1 Genlock Input (CB/BB/Tri-level)
I / O Options: NDI, RTMP or HLS
1 LTC Input
Output types: PGM, PGM Clean
Recording: Up to 3 Feeds (Input + PGM Clean + PGM Dirty)
Codec: VC-3 120 / 145 Mpbs

Internal Audio Mixer Options:

  • Embedded Audio: 16 tracks per video channel (input or output)
  • Analog Audio: XLR Input (Line Level)
  • Gain Adjustments on all Mixer Inputs
  • Internal Mixing up to 6 Tracks

External XR18 Audio Mixer Options:

  • Embedded audio: 16 tracks per video channel (input or output)
  • Analog Audio: 16 inputs (mic or line level) + 2 Inputs (Line) + 8 Outputs
  • Full Audio Processing including EQ,Compression, Limiter, Auto-mix, etc.

Internal CG with 3 graphic layers: score/timer + 2 user-selectable overlays
External Live Graphics: IP integration with external CG (NDI Protocol)

Internal storage 1 x 2 TB SSD (30 hours of HD recording)
USB3 connectors for import from/export to external storage

2 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports

Main unit: 2RU 19″ Rackmount Chassis 48 cm / 18.9″ Depth, 7 kg / 15 lbs

Internal Power Supply: 110V / 230V, 350 W