Simplylive VIBOX4 MINI All in One Live Production SystemSimplylive VIBOX4 MINI All in One Live Production System

Simplylive VIBOX8 MINI All in One Live Production System

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Simplylive ViBox8 Mini is the perfect entry-level model for smaller companies and productions.

The Simplylive ViBox8 Mini is the smallest model in the ViBox Mini family, with 8 configurable channels for up to 6 cameras. It integrates the full scope of production in a single solution, which includes:

  • Video mixing
  • Audio mixing
  • Replays & highlights
  • Live graphics over NDI
  • Super slow motion recording

With the various I/O options (HD-SDI, NDI, RTMP and TS UDP) it give the users the flexibility they need in all production environments.

Using touchscreen interface for Simplylive ViBox8 Mini, removes the worry of operating and learning complicated equipment. It also brings flexibility for remote, at-home productions. The system allows the back-end hardware to be located on-site while the UI can be extended via Ethernet to the production facility. This allows for a smaller footprint and less people needed on location.

8x HD SDI (I / O options: NDI, RTMP or TS UDP)
1x Genlock input (CB / BB / Tri-level)
1x LTC input
Output types: PGM, PGM Clean, Aux
Recording: up to 6 ISO (or Super Motion), VC-3 120 / 145 Mbps

Embedded audio: 16 tracks per video channel (input or output)
Digital Mixer options: Behringer XR18 or Behringer X32

Internal CG with 3 graphic layers: score / timer + 2 user-selectable overlays
External Live Graphics: IP integration with external CG (NDI Protocol)

Internal storage 1 x 2 TB SSD (30 hours of HD recording)
USB3 connectors for import from / export to external storage

2 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports

8 x GPI
8 x GPO (Tally)

Main unit: 11 (H) x 25 (D) x 38 (W) cm (4.5 x 10 x 15 in.) chassis, 5,5 kg (12 lb)
Detachable Rack Ears

External Power Supply: 110 / 230 V 350 W

Simplylive VIBOX8 MINI All in One Live Production System