Telestream MPS-100 PRISM waveform monitorTelestream MPS-100 PRISM waveform monitor

Telestream PRISM MPS-100 waveform monitor

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Telestream PRISM MPS Series | Software Defined Monitoring

Telestream MPS-100 is a compact 3RU half-rack waveform monitor. Because it’s only 5″ deep it will be a perfect fit in space constrained enviroments like mobile OB trucks. MPS-100 and MPD-100 are SDI only models with four inputs, each capable of supporting up to 12G-SDI. Telestream MPS-100 has been designed to support both local and remote production situations up to 8K HDR. It can be fitted with an industy standard battery for portable applications where AC power is not available.

Now customers can purchase a base model and add features as and when required by simply purchasing a software license. Another benefit of software defined monitoring is that user does not need to return hardware to the manufacturer for an upgrade, as upgrade is done in-house, so no downtime. The base model is equipped with rich set of standard applications like: Waveform, Vector, Lightning, Diamond, Picture, Video Session, Audio, Event Log, Timing and IP Status.

Flexible screen tile configurations provide full screen, two, three and four tile layouts giving flexibility in selecting a variety of software apps for your specific application while still allow easy viewing of each display.

Telestream MPS-100 features:

  • Integrated 9″ touchscreen
  • 3RU height, Half Rack width, 5” depth
  • MPS-100 SDI only connectivity
  • MPS-200 SDI and IP connectivity
  • MPS-300 SDI, IP connectivity with Eye board


ModelForm FactorDepthInterfaceSDI Inputs Capability
(4 x 12G SDI)*
IP Inputs Capability
(2 x 10G/25G)*
Eye Measurement capability
(12G SDI)*
Format Support
Power Input
MPI2-253RU,Half-Rack10.5”1920 x 1080
9” Touchscreen x 1
MPX2-251RU, Full-rack16.5”External MonitorStandardStandardOptionStandardAC
MPS-1003RU, Half-rack5”1920 x 1080
9” Touchscreen x 1
MPS-2003RU, Half-rack5”1920 x 1080
9” Touchscreen x 1
MPS-3003RU, Half-rack5”1920 x 1080
9” Touchscreen x 1
MPD-1003RU, Full-rack5”1920 x 1080
9” Touchscreen x 2
MPD-2003RU, Full-rack5”1920 x 1080
9” Touchscreen x 2
MPD-3003RU, Full-rack5”1920 x 1080
9” Touchscreen x 1

* May require options to enable higher resolutions and bandwidths