Telestream Vantage Media Processing PlatformTelestream Vantage Media Processing Platform

Telestream Vantage Media Processing Platform


Telestream Vantage a blazing fast, scalable and software-enabled media processing platform for content owners, producers, and distributors.

Telestream Vantage is a scalable, software-enabled powerful media processing platform. It manages all the media services from the camera to the point of distribution.

Vantage is being used by producers, content owners and distributors to ingest, edit, transcode, QC, package, monetize, and distribute their media all in in quick, easy and cost-effective way. Thanks to Telestream Vantage scalability from simple standalone systems to complex, multi-server systems, running on standard, off the shelf server hardware or on GPU-accelerated Lightspeed Servers, Vantage will utilise all the capabilities of today’s IT infrastructures.

To simplify, Vantage is a collection of customizable software programs that automate media processing via workflows. A Vantage workflow is a collection of actions that you design and configure to process media files in a specific manner.

Features of the Telestream Vantage:

  • The world’s broadest format support. Support for over 120 video and audio compression formats and file types UltraHD and 4K ready.
  • Vantage offers video transcoding and processing for resolutions from proxy through SD, HD, UHD and 4K.
  • Enterprise-Class Scalability, Vantage allows user to scale media processing to over a hundred servers with rock-solid reliability and comprehensive system management tools.
  • Smart Workflows. Integrated decision-making allows Vantage to respond to media properties and metadata automatically.
  • IPTV and Cable Transport Stream Encoding.
  • Accelerated HEVC Encoding
  • Full Precision Processing 16-bit 4:4:4:4
  • Hands-Free Automation