Telestream Vidchecker automated file-based quality controlTelestream Vidchecker automated file-based quality control

Telestream Vidchecker automated file-based quality control

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Telestream Vidchecked offers up to date range of quality tests for video, audio and file containers.

Telestream Vidchecker is equipped with test templates for major broadcasters and OTT platforms, those tests quickly identify content that does not meet requirements. It can process multiple files at once as well it can offer automatic correction of the files which need fixing.

Vidchecker can fully utilise multicore CPUs thatnks to its scalable and enterprise class architecture. At the same time it integrates seamlessly with Telestream Vantage via provided free of charge connector.  Software can generate clean and easy to read reports in both XML and PDF formats, user can customise it with own brand identity and graphics. Thanks to Telestream Vidchecker you can rest assured that your content will get delivered correct and compliant.

Telestream Vidchecker features:

  • Operator friendly, easy to use web-GUI.
  • Support for many high end formats, such as ProRes, J2K, DNxHD, DPX, OpenEXR and IMF.
  • Wide range of audio and video tests available, including Dead Pixels, Levels, Dropouts, Media Offline.
  • Intelligent file-correction option available, to automatically fix issues such as video and audio levels, RGB Gamut, dead pixels, black frames, colour bars and many more.
  • DPP approved PSE test included at no extra cost, and unique PSE Correction available as an additional option.

Compliance Testing

Many Pre-configured templates included:
ATSC, SMPTE, DPP, NABA, CALM, iTunes, EBU R128, Netflix, Amazon Prime, UK & Japan PSE Flashing, ARD_ZDF_ HDF, DDV2, AS-10 DAP for France, AS-02, AS-03, AS-07, AS-10, AS-11, AS12, PBS

Supported Formats

MXF (All OP’s including AS formats), ProRes in MXF (SMPTE RDD 44), DNxHD/DNxHR in MXF (SMPTE ST 2019-4:2009), MPEG-2 TS, MPEG-2 PS, MP4, MOV(inc. ref. files), ASF, AVI, LXF, GXF, Flash, MKV, IMF

Video Codecs
MPEG-1. MPEG-2 (XDCAM, IMX, D10), DV/DVCPro 25/50/100, MPEG-4, AVC/H.264 (all profiles), HEVC/H.265, WMV/ VC-1, ProRes (all profiles), ProRes 4444 XQ, DNxHR, DNxHD, MJPEG, JPEG2000, DPX and OpenEXR image sequences, RAW uncompressed YUV / RGB, Huffman, Canopus, Meridien

Audio Codecs
MPEG1/2, PCM, AAC, AES3, LATM, ADPCM, LPCM,WAV, MP3, BWF, WMA, DV, AC-3, Dolby Digital Plus

Closed Captions / Subtitles
CEA-608, CEA-708, SMPTE 436M, Line 21, DVBsubtitles, Teletext, support for pass-through of SMPTE ST 436 captions

Intelligent Automated Correction

Patented Video Correction

  • Corrects Luma/Chroma levels if outside limits
  • Corrects black level if outside limits
  • Corrects RGB gamut if outside limits
  • Corrects Analog video dropouts
  • Insertion / removal / change of length of color bars
  • Insertion / removal / change of length of black sequences
  • Correction of start timecode
  • PSE flashing correction (Ofcom / ITU)
  • Dead Pixel correction

Audio Correction

  • Peak levels: peak level correction if TP dB limits exceeded
  • Loudness: loudness correction if given LKFS/LUFS exceeded
  • Audio levels: correction if PPM level limits exceeded and peak attenuation
  • Audio bit depth correction

Tests Available

Container Checks
MXF structure, DPP metadata, compare wrapper/ essence, number video/audio streams, PIDs, file, bitrate, SPS/PPS, video/audio duration, timecode start/continuity, clean aperture, AFD, MOV Atom (iTunes), IMF validation of metadata & essence, Enhanced Syntax Check

Video Checks
Video codec/profile, encoding syntax, MBAFF, video bitrate VBR/CBR, frame size, frame rate, video buffer size, frame aspect ratio, pixel aspect ratio, GOP length, GOP structure, field order flagged/baseband, cadence, drop frame, chroma format, luminance, black level, chroma level, HDR MaxFALL/MaxCLL. RGB gamut, quality/blocki-ness, analog drops, digital drops, video stripes, corrupt frames, letterboxing/pillarboxing, black frames/sequence, color bars, freeze frames, layout checks, PSE flashing/ harmful patterns (Ofcom / ITU), video segment reporting, Dead Pixels, Media Offline

Audio Checks
Each track: audio codec, bit depth, sample rate, audio bitrate, number of channels, channel layout, channel mapping, tones, phase coherence between channels, track present during video, min levels, peak levels, clipping, clicks and pops, PPM, DialNorm, integrated/ short term/momentary loudness (ITU/EBU/ATSC/ CALM/BS-1770), BLITS, GLITS & EBU test tone checks, digital silence. Supports 32-channel audio.