Used Snell IQGPI00 GPI Control CardUsed Snell IQGPI00 GPI Control Card

Used Snell IQGPI00 GPI Control Card

This Used Snell IQGPI00 GPI Control Card is in a very good condition and in full working order as well it comes with 3 months warranty. We have multiple units available all in full working order and very good condition.

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Please note this is an Used Snell IQGPI00 GPI Control Card. ES Broadcast carefully tests all used equipment prior to sale, and offers a three-month warranty. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not be of the specific model offered for sale. Accurate pictures of this model are available on request.

The Snell IQGPI is a configurable control module for external devices and all RollCall compatible products.

This module uses the latest SAM intelligent control software developed from RollPod technology.
This will allow the GPI to become a central controller for the most demanding network configuration. GPIs can be assigned to RollCall commands as before , but now with the aid of a PC program the GPI can interact with the RollCall network environment, unleashing complex interactivity between external devices and/or other SAM products.
All Snell IQGPI00 modules are configured by means of the RollPod Designer application. However, if the RollPod Designer cannot offer the functionality required by the IQGPI, its configuration can be customized by Snell.


  • Direct connection to the RollCall™ network
  • Controls products on the RollCall™ Network via external events, or vice-versa
  • Customizable solution allows programming of multiple events from a single trigger
  • Outputs may drive Relays or LEDs
  • 200mA +5V Power Supply available on connector
Non-Isolated Inputs/Output (IQGPI00)
Sink current Output < 200mA
Input voltage Input Absolute max. rating -0.5V to +5.5V
Logic 1 input voltage Input +2V or greater
Logic 0 input voltage Input +0.8V or less
Input current Input <1.5mA (source current with input tied to GND)
Power Source
Voltage 5 V ± 0.5 V
Maximum Current 200 mA. Foldback protected
Maximum Load Short circuit to GND
Power Consumption
Module Power Consumption 4.35 W max
EMC Performance Information
Environment Commercial and light industrial E2
Peak Mains Inrush Current following a 5-second mains interruption Not applicable to GPI card