Used Wohler AMP2-S8-MDA 8 Channel 3G-SDI Audio MonitorUsed Wohler AMP2-S8-MDA 8 Channel 3G-SDI Audio Monitor

Used Wohler AMP2-S8-MDA 8 Channel 3G-SDI Audio Monitor

This Used Wohler AMP2-S8-MDA 8 Channel 3G-SDI Analog Audio Monitor is in a very good condition and in full working order as well it comes with 3 months warranty.

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Please note this is an Used Wohler AMP2-S8-MDA 8 Channel 3G-SDI Analog Audio Monitor. ES Broadcast carefully tests all used equipment prior to sale, and offers a three-month warranty. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not be of the specific model offered for sale. Accurate pictures of this model are available on request.

8 Channel, 3G/HD/SD-SDI, AES, Analog Audio Monitor

The AMP2-S8-MDA monitor is an exceptionally high-quality audio monitor systems offering premium quality 8-channel analog, AES/EBU, 3G/HD/SD-SDI multi-channel audio monitoring and conversion as well as professional level metering. These units contain 3 audiophile-quality drivers and three power amplifiers; 3 speakers and amplifiers reproduce mid-range and high frequency information in stereo, while the third amp/driver combination handles summed LF information below the 500 Hz crossover point.

These units feature eight 53-segment high-resolution, tri-color LED level meters showing simultaneous VU and PPM for superior level-metering. The front panel features an innovative LCD display of phase/polarity relationships. Output limiter circuits are incorporated to protect the speakers, and extensive magnetic shielding allows placement immediately adjacent to video monitors with no color impurities.


  • Front panel summing of any combination of up to 8 channels to the left and/or right speakers and selected
  • Eight 53-segment tri-color LED bar graphs displaying simultaneous VU and PPM
  • Headphone jack (mutes speakers)
  • Premium quality drivers and power amplifiers
  • Audible indications of phase/polarity problems
  • Phase-correlation display of selected channels
  • Output limiter protected speakers