Vinten FUSION FP-188+ Robotic and Manual Pedestal

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Powerful support for superior productions

Vinten FP-188+ robotic pedestal offers precise, smooth movement for the highest standard of broadcast production. The unit’s generous payload of 85kg /188 lbs is capable of supporting an expanded camera/prompter package including the talent-facing vanity monitor often attached to the head during HD production.

For added flexibility in free-form productions the Vinten FP-188+ can be switched to manual mode and used without power. The pedestal offers a choice of crab or steer mode for manual operation across the studio floor and features a perfectly balanced pneumatic height column for manual height adjustment with the superior on-shot quality renowned in Vinten manual pedestals.


  • New differential wheel trucks maximise floor traction to maintain unmatched shot stability performance
  • Adjustable bumper sensitivity
  • Compact ‘L’ shaped floor targeting that offers more precise reference positioning across a wider range of floor finishes
  • Switchable robotic or manual mode – flexible system perfect for multifunctional studios


Height Range660 mm – 1430 mm / 26 ” – 56 ”
On Shot Stroke770 mm / 30 ”
Doorway Tracking Width800 mm / 32 ”
Steering Ring Diameter635 mm / 25 ” *
Maximum Floor Speed300 mm / 12 ” / second
Minimum Floor Speed25 mm / 1 ” / second
Maximum Height Speed (On Shot)150 mm / 6 ” / second
Manual OperationYes
Power Consumption Peak750W
Power InputAuto ranging 110-240V AC 50/60 Hz
Max Payload85 kg / 188 lbs
X & Y =
Z =
X & Y =
+/- 100mm
+/- 5mm
+/- 1.5° (after triangle test pattern)
Degrees of freedom3, X,Y,Z Degrees of freedom additional to pedestal but included in D1 serial packet: P, T, Z & F
Resolution(X,Y,Z) = +/- <1mm