Vinten Osprey Light PedestalVinten Osprey Light Pedestal

Vinten Osprey Light Pedestal

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Versatility is the key quality of the Vinten Osprey Elite pedestal.

Vinten Osprey Light pedestal can be configured for studio or outside broadcast use, and it can also be configured for tracking set-ups. It can accommodate a wide range of system cameras and smaller shoulder-mount cameras.

An ideal solution for all types of shoot

The Vinten Osprey Light is a two-stage pedestal with a height range of 76.5cm to 130.5cm. This makes it ideal for an array of shooting scenarios. Its central steering ring gives the operator easy control over crabbing and steering.

The studio version includes cable guards, while the OB version has larger wheels to provide greater clearance from the ground. You can fold the pedestal down for transportation, adding to its flexibility.

There is Osprey Elite version available which boosts even greater payload and height range

Compatible with Vinten tripod heads and accessories

The Osprey Elite easily combines with the Vinten Vision 250 pan and tilt head, as well as the 200mm hi-hat pedestal riser, Quickfix adaptor and World Cup bowl, giving you a range of set-up configurations.

Model No.:V3950-0001
Max. Capacity:40 kg / 88 lbs [max capacity includes trim weights]
Height Range:76.5 to 130.5 cm / 30.1 to 51.4 “
Weight:21.8 kg / 48.1 lbs
On-Shot Stroke:54 cm / 21.2 “
Wheel Lock:Yes
Tracking Width:80.6 cm / 31.7 “
Transit Width:70 cm / 27.5 “
Wheel Diameter:10 cm / 4 “
Detachable Steering Ring Diameter:50 cm / 19.7 “
Trim Weights:2.4 kg / 5.3 lbs
Ground Clearance:1 cm / 0.4 “