Vinten Quattro SL PedestalVinten Quattro SL Pedestal

Vinten Quattro SL Pedestal

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The Vinten Quattro is our premium pedestal solution for outside broadcast and for studio live production.

Vinten Quattro is top-of-the-range four-stage pedestal that incorporates an innovative pneumatic design. This allows operators to effortlessly raise and lower the pedestal smoothly and with perfect balance.

Quattro-SL is a compact pedestal which tracks easily through confined spaces in the studio. It incorporates most of the features of larger Vinten Quattro pedestals.

Wide height range allows for maximum creativity

The Vinten (V3963-0002) has a ground clearance of 2cm, but also allows lower angle shots, thanks to its excellent height range. Its ergonomic design means that controls are always easily accessible for the operator. It has as well an impressive on-shot stroke of 100 cm. For day-to-day use of pedestals, you can use an unique Document Holder as an optional accessory.

Vinten can cope with max capacity of 80kg and its height range span from 47 to 147cm.

OB and studio pedestal set-ups available

Available in studio and OB set-ups, the VintenQuattro is an ideal pedestal when compromise is not an option. Combine it with our Vinten Vector 750 or Vector 430 tripod heads for maximum reliability and usability.

Bigger version of SL is Quattro-L available as well from ES Broadcast

Model No.:V3963-0002
Max. Capacity:80 kg / 176.4 lbs [max. capacity includes trim weights]
Height Range:47 to 147 cm / 18.5 to 57.8 “
Weight:136 kg / 300.6 lbs
On-Shot Stroke:100 cm / 39.4 “
Tracking Width:81 cm / 31.9 “
Transit Width:74.5 cm / 29.3 ” [with small steering ring]
82 cm / 32.2 ” [with large steering ring, fitted as standard]
Footprint:80.6 x 74.5 cm / 31.8 x 29.4 “
Wheel Diameter:12 cm / 4.9 “
Detachable Steering Ring Diameter:74 cm / 29 “
Trim Weights:7.5 kg / 16.5 lbs
Ground Clearance:2 cm / 0.8 “