A fleet of ES Broadcast Hire’s Sony HDC-4300 cameras are currently at the London Stadium for the IPC World Para Athletics Championships.

A dozen HDC-4300 channels are being used to capture all of the action. The HDC-4300 offers superb imaging at both 4K and HD resolution. And its high-speed capabilities – 2x at 4K and 8x in HD – have seen it fast become the go-to camera for slow motion sports coverage.

Array of Canon lenses support camera channels

The camera channels are being supported by a range of lenses from ES Broadcast Hire’s 300-strong lens fleet. Canon UJ90 UHD DIGISUPER 90, HJ14 and HJ22 lenses are all being used for the athletics coverage.

The world’s elite para athletes are competing in a full array of track and field events between 14th and 23rd July. The championships is the most prestigious para athletics event to be held at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park since the 2012 Paralympics.

The IAAF World Athletics Championships will follow the Para Athletics Championships, with the competition opening on Friday 4th August. ES Broadcast Hire’s equipment is again likely to be used to provide coverage of the games.