€140,000 exc taxes & duties
Year Built: 2013
Capability: 12-CAMERA
Format: HD
Reference: 845

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This 12-camera HD OB van would be an ideal solution for concerts and live events production, with its strong focus on delivering high-quality audio and history of servicing major music and sports festivals and events.

A small For-A HVS-XT100 means the vehicle can operate independently as a 12-camera HD OB van, or for larger productions it can be used as a dedicated audio truck that can provide an auxiliary production area.

12-camera HD OB van with powerful audio capabilities

The OB van boasts a 96-input Studer Vista 1 audio mixer with 32 faders, 80 analogue mic lines in and 80 out as well as eight AES in/out. It includes a 64-channel MADI option card and Lexicon reverb pack, while peripherals include a 48-input/16-output stage rack.

Avid HD MADI is coupled with SSL Live Recorder to provides 64 channel of MADI I/O. An Apple Mac Pro with Raid SSD 24Gb RAM and Avid Pro Tools 11HDX provide a highly capable professional studio environment.

The van’s audio gallery has been designed and biult for optimal acoustic performance, with a 20mm Texaa finish which appreciably improves listening. It is equipped with 5.1 surround sound powered by five Genelec 8130A speakers and one SE7261A subwoofer. A Yamaha NS1- Stereo 2.0 set-up completes the speaker line-up.

Video monitoring in this area comes courtesy of two Lumon 24″ HD monitors, paired with two NEC 23″ HD monitors for Mac Pro.

The desk itself can fit up to three operators, while to the rear of the audio gallery are two flexible work stations with bench seating.

Flexible production gallery for primary or auxiliary use

The two-seat production area is separated from the audio gallery by an open doorway. A For-A HVX-XT100 HD vision mixer with 12 HD-SDI inputs and four HD-SDI/one HDMI outputs is located here. There is the potential to upgrade to a larger vision mixer if required. ES Broadcast is able to source suitable equipment and undertake any systems integration work you may require to make the vehicle suitable for your purposes.

Two Lumon 24″ HD video monitors and a pair of Genelec 8030 speakers are also installed here, along with an Altair EF200 Centrale Filaire 2 intercom. A further two flexible work stations are located opposite the gallery. The room’s Texaa 10mm acoustic finish continues the theme of audio excellence.

The HD OB van runs on an AJA Kumo 32 x 32 3G-SDI router, which comes with a control panel and Canare patch router with 112 BNC connections. Patch audio is included on the Studer Vista 1 system, while two Ghielmetti 48-in/out patch panels have also been added. The van has one BlackMagic Design HyperDeck Studio and one HyperDeck Studio Pro SSD recorder.

12-camera HD OB van in pristine condition

Built in 2013 and presented in excellent condition throughout, this left-hand drive 12-camera HD OB van meets Euro 5 emissions standards, has amassed less than 9,000 km.

  • Rigid chassis truck
  • Model: Iveco 65C17 EEV Euro5
  • Year Built: 2013
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 8.7m x 2.5m x 3.65m
  • Weight: 6.5 tonnes
  • Mileage: 8,455km
  • Driver Position: Left-Hand Drive
  • Power: 32 amp, safe power inverter 3,000VA
  • Air conditioning: 2x domestic units

1x Studer Vista 1 audio mixer, including:

  • 96 channel
  • 32 Faders
  • 80 Analog mic line in
  • 48 Analog mic line out
  • 8 AES in/out
  • MADI Redundant
  • Lexicon Reverb Pack Studer
  • Stage Rack 48IN / 16OUT
  • Option card MADI 64 channels

1x Genelec 5.1 AES system
5x Genelec 8130A AES Audio monitor
1x SE7261A AES Subwoofer
1x Yamaha NS10 Stereo 2.0 audio monitor
1x Avid HD Madi, providing 64 channels of MADI I/O
1x Apple MAC Pro Raid-SSD-24Gb Ram, professional recording studio
1x Avid Pro Tools 11HDX
1x SSL Live Recorder MADI 64 Channel
2x LumOn 24” Full HD video monitors
2x Nec 23” Full HD video monitors

1x For-A HVS-XT100 vision mixer with 12 HD-SDI Inputs, 4 HD-SDI Output, 1 HDMI Output
2x LumOn 24” monitors
2x Genelec 8030 Audio monitors
1x Altair EF200 Centrale Filaire 2 intercom

1x AJA Kumo 32×32 3G-SDI router
1x AJA Kumo Control Panel
1x CANARE Patch router 112 BNC connections
1x Patch audio included on VISTA 1
2x Patch Ghielmetti 673 113 553 12 (48in/48out)
1x Fibre Optique Neutrik QuadCon 1x 300m Optical fibre cable
1x Redundant MADI 64 channel link
1x Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Pro recorder
1x Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio recorder
1x Rosendahl NanoSyncs HD multi standard sync engine
1x Broaman Optocore Transmitter / Receiver module, including:

  • 6x HD-SDI in – 2 HD-SDI Out
  • 4x RJ45-Sync BNC
  • 4x GPI/O