€499,000 exc taxes & duties
Year Built: 2007 / upgraded 2016
Capability: 12-Camera
Format: HD 1080i
Reference: 824

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To enquire about this 12-camera single expander HD OB truck please call +44 (0)1923 650 080 or email sales@esbroadcast.com


Upgraded to HD in 2016, this 12-camera single expander HD OB truck has been a reliable workhorse on sports and live concert productions. With a left-hand driver position, it would particularly appeal to Europe-based buyers.

The rigid chassis vehicle’s expanding pod doubles the width of the vehicle to a very spacious 5.1m, housing a very large production gallery.

Production gallery with large monitor wall

This sizeable, open-plan work space features a four-seat production area with a huge gallery wall made up of 12 24″ Penta Studiotechnik monitors (11 of which are capable of quad-split multi-viewing) and 16 17″ monitors. The Grass Valley Kayak 350 HD vision mixer has 2.5 mix effect buses with four keyers per ME, 72 inputs, 36 outputs and two flexible chroma-keyers, amongst other features.

EVS, graphics and engineering positions

To the rear of the gallery are three EVS positions (EVS not included) on a raised platform. Audio monitoring in this section of the work space is provided by five Dynaudio BM5a compact surround sound speakers.

Two graphics seats are separated from the adjacent EVS area by a divider. To the front of these seats is the engineering area, with room for five operators and up to 12 RCPs (not included). Another substantial monitor gallery is housed here, with nine 19″ Penta Studiotechnik monitors with quadsplit capabilities, alongside four 17″Penta Studiotechnik OLED shading/control monitors. Two ceiling-housed Dynaudio BM5a speakers provide audio monitoring to engineers.

Large, flexible work space

A retractable, solid dividing screen allows the truck to be used with an open-plan layout, or with separate production/EVS and engineering/graphics suites.

Separate audio suite

The audio suite in this 12-camera single expander truck is housed separately from the main production area, with its own external entrance and space for two to three operators. The audio mixer is a Studer Vista 8, with 52 faders, all of which are mappable for input and output. The mixer also boasts a 7.1 audio monitoring control unit and three stereo PTT outputs. Dynaudio speakers, in the shape of three BM12a, two BM6a Mk 2 and one BM10S units, provide comprehensive audio monitoring.

Audio routing is via a Studer Vista DSP Core with a 4-MADI, 64-channel in/output board. Video routing is powered by a Thomson Trinix 128×224 HD router, while an RTS Cronus 48×48-channel intercom matrix (or larger,if needed) is also included.

Please note, to preserve client confidentiality, photos may have been edited to remove branding logos or to disguise distinctive paintwork.

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  • Vehicle: Single Expanding Rigid Chassis Truck
  • Year Built / Refurbished: 2007 / 2016
  • Chassis Model: DAF
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 12m x 2.5m (5.1m expanded) x 4m
  • Weight: 25 tonnes
  • Mileage: 176,285
  • Driver Position: Left-Hand Drive
  • Power: 3-phase 50-amp, CEE-form 63A connector
  • Air Conditioning: 8x Daikin AC units
  • 1x Grass Valley Kayak 350 SD/HD, 1 PP + 2.5 ME, 72 inputs, 36 outputs, 4 keyers per ME, 2 flexible Chromakeyers, 6 ram recorders (33 sec in HD), 4-channel DVE on each ME1 & ME2, 1-channel DVE on PP
  • 1x 24″ PGM Penta Studiotechnik video monitor
  • 11x 24” Penta Studiotechnik quadsplit video monitor
  • 16x 17” Cam PVW with UMD
  • 2x RTS dual channel with 4x Beltpack and headset
  • 5x Dynaudio BM5a Compact surround speakers
  • 9x 19” Penta Studiotechnik quadsplit monitors
  • 4x 17” Penta Studiotechnik OLED Shading / Control
  • 2x Dynaudio BM5a Compact surround monitor speakers
  • 1x Studer Vista 8 – 52 faders all mappable for in and output, 7.1 audio monitoring control unit, 3x Stereo PTT out
  • 3x Dynaudio BM12a monitor speaker
  • 2x Dynaudio BM6a MK2 compact monitor speaker
  • 1x Dynaudio BM10S surround speaker
  • 2x 17” Penta Studiotechnik video monitors
  • 12x 10” Penta Studiotechnik video monitors
  • 1x RTS Cronus 48 x 48 (optional larger)
  • 16x port for KP632 or KP12
  • 14x 4-wire IFB
  • 2x RTS dual channel with 4x Beltpack and headset
  • 1x Thomson Trinix SD/HD 128 x 224
  • Studer Vista DSP Core
    • 48 Mic Input, 54 Line Input, 30x Analog Output, 5x VTR in/out 34x AES Input, 12x AES Output, 3x LSM in/out
    • 4 MADI 64 channel input and output board
  • 2x Wave L2 digital limiter, 2x Neve analogue limiter, DK Technologies Analyser DK MSD 600
  • 3x TC Electronics D-Two Delay Signal Processors
  • TC Electronic Galm 6000FX with Icon
  • TC Electronic D2 Digital delay