Decommissioning your obsolete broadcast equipment can be an inconvenient necessity of upgrading your technology and infrastructure. But it can also be an effective way of releasing residual value from your legacy kit. And that makes your budget stretch further when planning your new installation.

At ES Broadcast, we provide a full decommissioning service which not only fulfils your environmental responsibilities, but also realises the re-sale value of any equipment that can be sold on to another user. We can carry out decommissioning either as part of a systems integration project to upgrade your technology, or as a standalone service if the purpose of your premises is changing.

The unexpected income from decommissioning your equipment can be used to maximise your budget. It could free up funds for an upgrade, or simply give you a return on kit that no longer meets your business needs. The income can be offset against new equipment, or against the cost of disposal of equipment, making your technology upgrade all the more affordable.

Full decommissioning and disposal service

Whether you are disposing of individual items of used broadcast equipment or need a full decommission and clean-site access, we can help.

Our broadcast facility decommissioning service begins with a thorough technical evaluation of all used equipment in your premises. We can assess whether any equipment can be re-deployed in your upgraded workflow both now and in future. This means you are not spending money on new equipment unnecessarily. But it also means you are not limiting yourself in the future by pairing old and new technology inefficiently.

We will remove your entire inventory of unwanted broadcast equipment from site, saving you costly man hours, and will prepare clean-site access for your new system build.

Releasing residual value from your used broadcast equipment

For equipment that is no longer of use to you, but which is still has a market value, we can use our expert knowledge of the used equipment market to attach a realistic value to your kit.

For years, our customers have trusted us to source high-quality used equipment that is in good condition. So we know both the value of an item, and the market that exists for re-selling it. We will purchase any equipment we think we can sell on, at a price that we feel reflects the market value of the item.

We can even undertake repair work and reconditioning work to make your equipment sellable, helping you to maximise your budget for your new infrastructure. And you save yourself the time and effort of trying to sell unwanted items.

The income from these used equipment sales can be accounted for as a straight purchase, as a part-exchange or as a credit on your account against future costs, or the cost of your system upgrade.

Equipment disposal in line with environmental regulations

Finally, we dispose of any broken, obsolete or unsellable used broadcast equipment in accordance with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations. Redundant electrical goods can’t simply be thrown away, but our decommissioning service ensures that you fulfil all your environmental obligations. Any disposal or removal costs can be offset against the value of any sellable used broadcast equipment recovered from your facility.