Used OB truck sales have been a part of ES Broadcast’s service offering for more than six years now.

In that time, we have brokered deals for some 25 OB vehicles and SNG vans, with several more currently on our books, facilitating sales that perfectly meet the needs of both the vendor and the purchaser. Whether you wish to sell or buy an OB truck, we can help you.

Buying a used OB truck

Purchasing a used OB truck is a cost-effective way or replacing an old vehicle, or of expanding your truck line-up to meet demand and win more business.

Used OB trucks very often need some work to bring them up to the specification of the buyer. And we have the in-house skills and experience in used OB truck sales to ensure that buying a previously owned vehicle is in no way a compromise.

Used OB Truck Sales from ES BroadcastOur expert team will find, equip and build you the perfect OB truck

With an international network of contacts, we can source the truck that best fits your needs. Our large portfolio of equipment brands and unrivalled expertise in quality used broadcast equipment sales mean that we can provide the exact equipment you need at the price you want.

And our highly skilled and experienced systems integration engineers can design and build a turn-key vehicle solution that meets your precise specifications. Our SI experts have delivered more than 200 OB and SNG vehicles, as well as a similar number of fixed installations. So they have a wealth of experience in building OB trucks that meet all your requirements and that will fit seamlessly into your workflows.

Selling a used OB vehicle

We can help you with your used OB truck sales, brokering a deal that will release valuable capital so you can upgrade or streamline your fleet.

With a network of worldwide clients across the whole broadcast spectrum, we are confident that we can find the perfect buyer for your vehicle. We have great experience and knowledge of broadcast markets on several continents. So we know where there is a market for the vehicle you are selling, and we know the price that we can achieve for you.

Our customers know and trust our expertise in broadcast equipment sales and systems integration. They know that we can provide the equipment and systems they need for their vehicle. So we can engineer a sale that meets both your needs as the vendor and their needs as the buyer.

Used equipment sales or disposal

If you have equipment that the buyer does not wish to purchase, we can help too. As a highly experienced seller of used broadcast equipment, we can purchase the equipment you no longer need for resale. Or for obsolete or broken equipment, we can dispose of it in accordance with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations.