€1,800,000 exc taxes & duties
Year Built: 2017
Capability: 12-Camera
Format: HD 3G
Reference: 834

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To enquire about this 12-camera double expander OB 3G truck please call +44 (0)1923 650 080 or email sales@esbroadcast.com

Barely four years old, and equipped with high-spec HD 3G broadcast equipment, this 12-camera double-expander OB truck offers a highly capable solution that is ready for immediate operation.

The high-end technical configuration and the internal capacity afforded by the expanding sides make this truck an incredibly versatile unit that is equally comfortable on medium to large productions, or on smaller jobs that demand a compact footprint.

Highly flexible workspace

The spacious interior, meanwhile, is finished to an exceptional standard with wooden fittings and furniture and Alcantara upholstery, making for a stunning working environment. A three-tier production gallery accommodates up to 11 working positions, while engineering and audio sections are housed in dedicated rooms. These offer a number two seat positions each and can be either closed off from the gallery or left open to form an open-plan workspace.

EVS and camera chains included

The truck is equipped for up to 12 HD camera chains and three EVS replay servers. One 12-channel EVS XT3 ChannelMAX with LSM open configuration is included, along with an EVS XT2 (6U model) with open configuration. Eight Sony HDC-1700 fibre HD camera channels with a range of HD Canon lenses (9x) also come with the truck, each with its own Sachtler tripod.

Impressive video and audio capabilities

A Sony MVS-3000A vision mixer with two ME buses combined with a Snell Sirius 360 256×256 video and audio router delivers powerful HD 3G video capabilities, while routing control is powered by a TSL UMD Tally Controller TM1. Distribution equipment includes six Ross OpenGear 2U frames, and three Leitch SPG1601 sync generators are also included.

The audio suite is equipped with a Yamaha CL5 audio mixer and 5.1 monitoring, powered by Genelec speakers. Two Kroma LCD_QUAD 17″ Q517 video monitors are also included, along with a Clearcom 48-port Eclipse Median intercom matrix.

Viewing of this superbly equipped and finished truck is highly recommended – why not start with our 360° tour below?

Please note, to preserve client confidentiality, photos may have been edited to remove branding logos or to disguise distinctive paintwork.

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  • Vehicle: Double expander OB truck
  • Year Built: 2017
  • Chassis Model: DAF TRUCKS 2354 JJZ
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):
    • Unexpanded: 10.1m x 2.5m x 4.85m (inc. roof rails)
    • Expanded: 10.1m x 4.1m x 4.85m (inc. roof rails)
  • Mileage: 10,000km
  • Driver Position: Left-Hand Drive
  • Power:
    • Power input panel 63A-400W
    • 220V / 400V input
    • Autotransformer 220V to 400V
    • Isolation transformer 20 VA‐400V
    • 3 UPS of 6KVAS and a UPS of 10KVAS
  • 1x Sony MVS-3000A with control panel ICP-6520, 2 channel DME 30 internal board MKS-6570 & menu monitor touch screen ICP-6511
  • 15x Vutrix LCD Monitor Quad 24Q
  • 4x Wohler HRS-15
  • 4x RTS MDA-100 Mixing Distribution Amplifier
  • 8x Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio Pro recorder 4K
  • 1x EVS XT3 6U 12 Channel HD/SD Server channel + internal raid of 12x900GB disc + Multicam LSM open configuration + dual LSM option for server XT3
  • 1x EVS XT2 6U HD/SD Open config
  • 2x EVS Controllers for XT3
  • 1x EVS controller for XT2
  • 1x EVS X-file 3
  • 1x EVS IP Director
  • 3x Kroma LM6509A11 9” LCD Monitors
  • 1x Audio Mixer Yamaha CL5 with Interface box Rio 3224D and mixing console C01V96I
  • 2x Genelec 8020 Active monitor
  • 5x Genelec 6010A Active monitor
  • Clearcom Intercom Matrix 48 port Eclipse Median with 10x remote panels V12-LDX 4
  • 2x Kroma LCD-QUAD 17” Q517 Video Monitors
  • AJA digital audio convertor ADA-4
  • Clearcom Intercom Matrix 48 port Eclipse Median with 10x remote panels V12-LDX 4
  • 4x RTS MDA-100 Mixing Distribution Amplifier
  • Snell Sirius 630 video and audio router – 16RU 256×256, dual controller, 3G HD/SDI level with 10x remote control panel 36 BPX, 2x remote control panel L36 BPX, 1x remote control panel XY-6776 and 1x control panel LXY 6776
  • TSL UMD Tally Controller TM1
  • 6x ROSS opengear frames 2U DFR 8321 CN with PS 8300 power supplies,
    • Analogue distribution amplifier’s VDA 8705-R2L,
    • MB-SDI reclock amplifiers SRA-8601 A-R2,
    • up-down convertors UDC 8625A-R2,
    • SDI to analogue convertors DAC-8016A,
    • analogue composite to SDI convertor ADC 8732 BS-R2
    • HD-SD 8 channel MUX MUX-8258 A-R2A
  • 3x Leitch sync generator SPG 1601
  • 1x Harris Multi-Format Changeover VSX 11D
  • 1x Videotek multistandard rasteriser VTM 4100 PXG with advanced audio option A3 and gitter-eye pattern option TVM 4100
  • 2x Leitch HD Test generator 1600 HG
  • Camera channels
    • 8x Sony HDC-1700 camera channel including, 8x HDCU 2000, 8x RCP-1500, 8x HDVF-L750, 1x HDVF-200, 1x HDVF-C35W, 4x HDVF-C30W, 1x HDLA-1500
  • Lenses
    • 1x Canon HJ40 x 10B IASD-V
    • 5x Canon HJ24 EX7.5B IRSE
    • 2x Canon HJ14 EX4.3 IRSE
    • 1x Canon XJ60 x98 IE-D
    • All lenses supplied with SS-41 kits
  • Tripods
    • 2x Sachtler Video 18 S1 with tripod and dolly
    • 2x Sachtler video 25 plus with tripod and dolly
    • 3x Sachtler video 25 plus with pedestal CIII and Dolly
    • 1x Sachtler video 60 plus with heavy tripod and dolly