€170,000 exc taxes & duties
Year Built: 2005 (upgraded 2012)
Capability: 12-Camera
Format: HD
Reference: 830

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To enquire about this 12-camera HD OB truck please call +44 (0)1923 650 080 or email sales@esbroadcast.com

This 12-camera HD OB truck packs a real punch for its size, with an array of highly specced equipment making it capable of medium-sized productions.

The main production gallery can accommodate up to seven production operators, with room for two audio operators in a dedicated audio suite, and up to five engineering positions at the opposite end of the truck. Each area can be separated from the others with sliding doors.

Well-equipped production gallery

The production gallery boasts a Grass Valley X Ten 2-ME, 54-input HD vision mixer with MI 3040 interface. The gallery wall features six 32″ Samsung screens with multiviewer functionality, two c.24″ Samsung screens and two 24″ JVC DTR-24 series professional LCD monitors. Three EVS positions to the rear of the gallery are equipped with nine Tamuz 7″ screens, as well as two c.21″ United monitors.

Audio monitoring in this room comes from two Genelec speakers, as well as a Wohler level meter.

Compact but capable audio suite

The truck’s audio capabilities come courtesy of a Yamaha M7CL 48-fader audio mixer, powered by a Quartz 64×32 audio router. The audio suite also features a Genelec 5.1 speaker set-up, and 64-port Trilogy Commander intercom system.

The engineering area includes 12x 6″ Sony monitors, two 9″ and one 17″ JVC monitors, two 17″ TV Logic monitors. here is also space for up to 12 RCPs (not included) and two EVS XT2 or six VTRs (not included).

The truck is also equipped with two Tektronix WFM-601 waveform monitors, three AJA FS1 frame synchronizer/converters, an Evertz Timecode Master 5010 time code generator, and a Wohler level monitor and speaker.

Video routing is powered by a Blackmagic Videohub 72×72 router and a Quartz 64×64 CVBS, while distribution is controlled using a Grass Valley Gecko and Axon Synapse.

Great addition to your OB fleet

This vehicle would make a good addition to a European HD fleet in need of expansion to cover medium-sized productions, especially those demanding a small footprint without compromising on capacity.

Please note, to preserve client confidentiality, photos may have been edited to remove branding logos or to disguise distinctive paintwork.

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  • Rigid-chassis truck
  • Year Built: 2005
  • Year Upgraded: 2012
  • Chassis Model: Renault Midlum
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.5m x 2.55m x 4m
  • Weight: 18 tonnes
  • Mileage: 374,750km
  • Driver Position: Left-Hand Drive
  • Power: 380/400V, 3x 63A, No UPS, isolation transformer
  • Air Conditioning: Daikin, 2 units with 7 splitters
  • 1x Grass Valley XTEN DD HD 2M/E 54 input vision mixer with MI3040 interface
  • 2x JVC DT-R24 monitors
  • 6x Samsung 32″ monitors
  • 9x Tamuz 7″ monitors
  • 1x Wohler audio monitoring
  • 2x Genelec speakers
  • 1x Trilogy Orator intercom system
  • Space for up to 2 EVS XT2, up to 6 VTR’s
  • 12x 6″ Sony cvbs monitors
  • 1x 17″ Sony cvbs monitor
  • 2x 9″ JVC cvbs monitors
  • 2x Tektronix WFM601 Serial Digital Component Monitor
  • Amazon Solutions UMD and tally system
  • No RCP’s included
  • Yamaha M7CL 48 faders with dual power supply
  • ELPRO PL102 audio monitoring
  • Trilogy commander 64 ports intercom
  • 1x Blackmagic Universal Videohub 72×72
  • 1x Quartz 64×64 cvbs video router
  • 1x Quartz 64×32 analogue audio router
  • Grass Valley Gecko Signal Processing System & Axon Synapse