€575,000 exc taxes & duties
Year Built: 1987, upgraded in 2016
Capability: 16-Camera
Format: 3G HD
Reference: 849

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To enquire about this 16-camera single expander HD OB trailer please call +44 (0)1923 650 080 or email sales@esbroadcast.com

Upgraded to HD 3G in 2016 and boasting a sizeable production area, this 16-camera trailer is a veteran of Europe’s leading motor sports circuits as well as having served as the production hub for three different studio-based weekly entertainment series.

Full description coming soon.


Please note, to preserve client confidentiality, photos may have been edited to remove branding logos or to disguise distinctive paintwork.

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  • Single Expanding
  • Year Built: 1987
  • Year Upgraded: 2016
  • Chassis Model: Volvo FH420
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 13m x 2.5m (3.5m expanded) x 4m
  • Power: CEE 400V / 63A 5pin
  • Air Conditioning: Integral split system
  • 1x Sony MVS-7000X production switcher (60in / 40out, 2 DME, Multiprogram 2)
  • 8x TVLogic LHM-420A 42″ video monitors
  • 2x Genelec 8030 audio monitors
  • 4x Riedel Artist talkback system panels
  • 1x Harris Magellan RCP LED

Second Production

  • 2x Philips 43″ video monitor
  • 1x Riedel Artist intercom RCP OLED
  • 2x Harris Magellan RCP
  • 1x Satellite MVS Aux Panel
  • 3x TVLogic LVM182W-A Video monitors
  • 3x Riedel Artist panels
  • 2x Harris Magellan RCP LED
  • 5x TVLogic LVM-171A 17″ video monitors
  • 2x Phillips 43″ video monitors
  • 2x Tektronix WFM-5000
  • 4x Harris Magellan LCD RCP
  • 1x Harris Nucleus RCP
  • 4x Riedel Artist intercom RCP OLED
  • 1x Struder VISTA 5 M3 with meter bridge option
  • 1x Studer SCORE Live
  • 2x Studer D21 48 in/48 out analogue, 64in/64 out AES, 4in/4out MADI f.o.)
  • 1x Riedel Artist M128 128×128 Intercom router
  • 2x Riedel Artist intercom RCP OLED
  • 2x Yamaha audio monitor
  • 1x Multi format player
  • Ghielmetti Patch Audio

Video router

  • Harris Imagine Communication Platinum 3G 15RU 168×128
  • 4x Harris Centrio multiviewer

Audio router

  • Harris Imagine Communication Platinum 9RU 160×160 (MADI, AES, Analogue)
  • MADI router RNE 8×8

AVP Patch Video

    • 2x Harris Imagine Communication X50
    • 2x LAWO Vpro8
    • 7x LYNX AG 5000 series (PAL, SD, HD distribution)
    • 2x HP G/bit router