$795,000 exc taxes & duties
Year Built: 2001 (upgraded 2013)
Capability: 24-CAMERA
Format: HD
Reference: 840

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To enquire about this trailer please call +44 (0)1923 650 080 or email sales@esbroadcast.com

With dedicated production, audio, graphics, EVS and engineering areas, this 16-seat, 24-camera HD OB trailer is a highly capable solution for large-scale productions, especially for north American markets given the truck’s current location.

An extensive range of high-quality HD broadcast equipment is included with the trailer, meaning it can be pressed into service immediately.

24-camera HD OB trailer with powerful production capabilities

Powerful production capabilities are provided by a Grass Valley Karrera K-Frame 4-ME 64 x 32 switcher. This includes 24 DVEs, while a fifth ME can be added via optional licence upgrade. The gallery of this 24-camera HD OB trailer features a sizeable video wall made up of nine 24″ HD monitors, with multiviewer capabilities, powered by a Grass Valley Kaleido.

Impressive graphics and replay capabilities

To the rear of the production area are two graphics benches, each with two to three positions. Graphics are run on Chyron HyperX3 (3.0), while a dual-channel HD, Dual Clip player with 500g drives is also included.

A dedicated four-seat replay area is powered by two EVS XT2 production servers (one with a super slow-motion licence), complete with three EVS controllers, as well as an EVS XFile3 file transfer and archiving unit. Six 17-inch and 36 8-inch monitors are included for the EVS positions.

Powerful Grass Valley routing

The truck is powered by a Grass Valley NVision 8256 Plus router, delivering 320 x 512 video I/O, while an NVision audio router provides 1024 x 1024 audio I/O. The rack room also houses an AJA FS2 dual-channel frame sync and converter with fibre input, and AJA Ki Pro rack recorder and an Ensemble Design redundant Master Sync Generator.

A further four AJA FS2s and a Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck Studio Pro 2 recorder are located in the engineering area, along with six Grass Valley OCP-400 RCPs.

Self-contained audio room

At the rear of the truck is a self-contained two-seat audio room, housing a Yamaha PM5D audio mixer with 48 mono channels and eight stereo pairs, with 24 mix buses. A Yamaha DM-1000 sub-mixer is also included. In total, the trailer offers 768 channels of AES, 128 channels of MADI and 128 analogue audio channels. An RME Audio 12 x 12 MADI router is installed, with two RME Audio ADI 6432 MADI interfaces.

Genelec 1030A speakers provide audio monitoring, along with a Blackmagic Design audio monitor and Tektronix 760 audio test monitor. The trailer’s intercom system is a 136-port RTS Adam system.

Camera Channels and Lenses Included

Six Grass Valley LDX 80 Première 1080i/720p switchable digital triax camera channels are offered for sale with the trailer, with XCU Elite twin triax and fibre CCUs and OCP-400 RCPs. A total of nine Fujinon lenses are included, details of which can be found in the Included Camera Channels/Lenses/Grip tab below.

  • OB Trailer only
  • Year Built: 2001 (upgraded 2013)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 55ft x 17ft x 13.6ft
  • Weight: 80,000lbs (with tractor)
  • Power: 200-277 volts / single phase, 200 amps, 250’ feeder cable with Cam Lock connectors
  • Air Conditioning: 2x 5 tonnes units, power entire trailer
  • 1x Grass Valley Karrera K-Frame 4 M/E Switcher (64×32) 24 DVEs 5th ME optional by licensable upgrade
  • 1x 2 channel HD Fast Forward Omega DDR, dual 120g SSD 2.5” SATA, with Lance controller
  • 4 transmission paths provided by two dedicated AJA FS2 dual channel frame syncs. Each path may be set to any output format with up to 16 channels of embedded audio. 
  • 9x 24″ monitors
  • 20x 17″ monitors
  • RTS Adam Talkback, full size 136 channel frame
  • Chyron HyperX3 (3.0). Dual Channel HD, Dual Clip player w/500g drives, Lyric 8.6, 8.5, 8.1, 8.0. 7.0, 6.5, 5.25
  • 8x Dual 8″ Blackmagic monitors
  • 2x 17″ Blackmagic monitors
  • 1x EVS XT2 6 channel HD server with SuperSlow Motion licence
  • 1x EVS XT2 6 channel HD server
  • 1x EVS XFile3
  • 3x EVS controllers
  • 36x 8″ Blackmagic monitor
  • 6x 17″ Blackmagic monitor
  • 6x OCP-400 camera control panels
  • 4x AJA FS2 dual channel frame sync and converters w/fibre input for ingest
  • Ensemble Design redundant Master Sync Generator
  • Blackmagic Hyper Deck Studio Pro 2 recorder
  • Blackmagic Teranex standards converter
  • Panasonic AJ-HD1400 VTR deck
  • Panasonic AJ-HD1700 VTR deck
  • Grass Valley NVision 8256 Plus frame populated 320×512
  • Grass Valley NVision 1024×1024 audio router
  • Grass Valley Kaleido Multi-viewer
  • 2x Blackmagic 17” video monitor
  • 2x Blackmagic 17” UHD video monitor
  • 2x Dual 8” SmartScope
  • 1x Yamaha PM5D 48 mono channels, 8 stereo pairs with 24 mix busses.
  • 1x Yamaha DM-1000 Sub-mixer & NVision audio router (1024×1024). 768 channels of AES, 128 channels of MADI, 128 analogue channels.
  • 1x RME 12×12 MADI router with 2 RME ADI 6432 MADI interfaces
  • Genelec 1030A near field monitoring
  • 1x Blackmagic Audio monitor
  • 1x Tektronix 760 audio monitor
  • 1x RTS Adam 136 port intercom
  • 1x Blackmagic 17” HD video monitor
  • 1x Dual 8” HD video monitor/audio meter
  • 12x 5” Sony LCD monitors
    All monitors fed by HD router
  • 6x GV LDX 80 Premier 1080i/720p switchable, digital triax​
  • 2x GV Sleeves for quick install of 2 additional cameras
  • 4x GV Reflex SuperXpander w/7” viewfinder
  • 6x XCU Elite Twin Triax & Fiber CCU
  • 2x Sony BVP-950 16:9 super LPS’s
  • 1x Fujinon 70×9.5 lens
  • 3x Fujinon 60×9.5 lenses
  • 2x Fujinon 22×8 internal focus lenses
  • 2x Fujinon 20×8 Internal focus lenses
  • 1x Fujinon Super Wide 5.5-47 8.5x lens
  • 4x Mathews heavy duty legs
  • 4x Vinten Vector 70 heads
  • 4x Cartoni tripod with Delta heads
  • 2x Studio buildup kits for handhelds
  • 4x Arri lighting kit (lights & stands)
  • 7000 feet triax cable