€125,000 exc taxes & duties
Year Built: 2005
Capability: 24-Camera
Format: HD Rack Ready, Cabling only
Reference: 842

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Offered fully wired for HD equipment, this rack-ready double expander HD OB trailer has an impressive pedigree at major sports tournaments, as well as music events.

Built in 2005, the rack-ready double expander OB trailer has seen service at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It has also been used for a number of prestigious ski events in Norway including the 2011 Nordic World Ski Championships in Oslo, the 2012 Ski Flying World Championships in Vikersund and the 2012 Biathlon World Cup, held in Oslo.

Away from the sporting world, this HD OB trailer was also used for the Eurovision Song Contest – claimed to be the world’s largest non-sporting live TV production – in Oslo in 2010, as well as the Nobel Peace Prize concert the following year.

Rack-ready double expander HD OB trailer with sizeable production gallery

The trailer’s two expanding pods run almost the full length of the trailer, giving ample room for a crew of up to 20. A very spacious production gallery can seat six crew, with a further 11 able to staff vision control/EVS across two large adjoining areas. A separate audio booth can accommodate up to three audio engineers.

Speakers and video router included

The trailer is wired for 24 HD cameras and includes equipment racks and desk furniture. An array of Genelec 8040, 8030, 8020 and 7040 monitor speakers will also be left in the vehicle, along with a Sirius 512×384 video router.

The trailer includes 8 Daikin air conditioning units as well as a Webasto diesel heater with three voltage regulators, to cope with the cold climates in which it has been operating for much of its career.

Expert systems integration services to deliver the vehicle you need

With more than 200 OB trucks to their name, ES Broadcast’s highly experienced systems integration team is able to work with you to convert this trailer into the OB vehicle you need for your business. Please call our systems team on 01733 214 888 to discuss your needs.

Please note that photos show some equipment that is not included for sale with the vehicle. The only equipment included is listed below. To preserve client confidentiality, photos may have been edited to remove branding logos or to disguise distinctive paintwork.

  • Double-expander trailer
  • Year Built: 2012
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 13.9m x 2.55m (4.4m when expanded) x 4m
  • Weight: 32 tonnes
  • Power: 1x 3-Phase 380/415V
  • Air Conditioning: 8x Daikin Air Conditioners
  • 5x Genelec 8040 studio monitors
  • 4x Genelec 8030 studio monitors
  • 2x Genelec 8020 studio monitors
  • 1x Genelec 7040 studio subwoofer