€950,000 exc taxes & duties
Year Built: 2020
Capability: 8-CAMERA
Format: HD
Reference: 857

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To enquire about this trailer please call +44 (0)1923 650 080 or email sales@esbroadcast.com

Built in 2020 but never used, this eight-camera HD OB truck is offered for sale in perfect condition and with a full complement of high-grade equipment, as well as a tender vehicle for transporting cameras, lenses, grip and cables.

The truck is well-suited to small to medium-sized, multi-camera events and sports productions such as live performances,  lower league football and other team sports, and film premieres. The vehicle’s small footprint lends itself to locations where space is at a premium, while its highly specced roster of equipment means zero compromise on production quality.

Video powered by Ross technology

Video capabilities are built on Ross technology. The vision mixer is a Ross Carbonite Black CBF-236PLUS 36-input, 2 M/E frame with dual multiviewer for up to 16 internal/extrenal source displays each. Two control panels – one with 24 crosspoint buttons and 2 M/E control rows, the other with 16 crosspoint buttons and 1 M/E control row – are housed in the production gallery. The second panel can be used either as an extension for the larger panel, or independently for sub-mixes or second feeds. Video routing is controlled by a Ross Ultrix FR1 16×16 plus 2 AUX router, which includes Ultriscape mulitviewer software.

The seven-seat production gallery itself is modern, stylish and spacious considering the truck’s compact footprint. Additional fold-down seating for up to five crew is included on the back wall. Sliding glass panels give access to engineering racks at the rear of the truck.

Separate audio room with Allen & Heath mixer

A separate audio room is accessed through the gallery to the front of the vehicle. This houses an Allen & Heath dLive S7000 48 in/24 out audio mixer. Genelec monitoring is installed throughout the truck. Two stage boxes are also included, along with a large selection of professional microphones.

Ross glue is installed in this eight-camera HD OB truck, along with a Ross master reference and test signal generator and automatic changeover unit. Test and measurement is provided by a Leader LV 5770A waveform monitor with CineZone function, while a Wohler AMP1 8-channel audio monitor is also provided.

Wide selection of auxiliary equipment included

Eight Sony HXC-FB80HL HD camera channels are included, alongside eight Cartoni tripod systems and 2,400m of Triax cables. Other equipment includes a TVPROMPT Simple Conference System 17″ teleprompter screen and a Glidecam GLX30AB camera stabilisation system.

Tender vehicle and built-in storage

The accompanying tender vehicle includes built-in shelving to house equipment, while the OB truck itself has storage lockers at the rear and beneath the truck, giving ample storage for all cameras, grip, stage boxes and other accessories.

Please note, to preserve client confidentiality, photos may have been edited to remove branding logos or to disguise distinctive paintwork.

Main truck

  • Vehicle: Rigid truck
  • Model: Iveco Eurocargo 18T, 280CV 6 cylinders
  • Year: 2020
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 8.3m x 2.5m x 3.9m
  • Power: Three-phase 3x 110V AC, 60Hz system UPS
  • Air Conditioning: Independent climate control for each area of the vehicle

Tender vehicle

  • Vehicle: Rigid truck
  • Model: Iveco Daily 70C15 4.750L EURO 3, engine 3.0 146CV


  • 8x Sony HXC-FB80HL 1080/50i Studio Camera with 16bit A/D, SMPTE 3G Fibre Interface
  • 8x Sony CA-TX70F Digital Triax Adapter for HXC-D70/FB75 and PMW/PXW to use with HXCU-TX70F
  • 8x Sony HXCU-TX70F Half 19″ Rack size CCU
  • 8x Sony HDVF-L750 7″ Full HD LCD Viewfinder
  • 8x Sony VCT-14 Tripod Adaptor
  • 6x Sony HDVF-L10 Colour LCD VF
  • 8x Sony RCP-1500 Standard Remote Control Panel (Joystick) for System Camera
  • 8x Sony LC-424TH Shipping case
  • 8x PortaBrace CLK-1 Rain cover for Camera


  • 8x Cartoni HF1800-T623/c- S732-AH842 HF1800 18Kg load system, with 2 arms, carbon fiber tripod, floor rubber triangle.
  • 8x Cartoni C928 Transport Bag
  • 8x Cartoni D734 Dolly standard for tripod T623


  • 8x 200m reel of Triax cable. Includes reel, 3/8 cable, protective bellows, male and female connectors
  • 2x 400m reel of Triax cable. Includes reel, 3/8 cable, protective bellows, male and female connectors
  • 1x Triax panel with four connectors, 2RU with 30º inclination
  • 3x Ross Video OG3-FR-CN OpenGear 3.0 High Power, 22 Slot Frame
  • 3x Ross Video PS-OG3 450 Watt Universal Power Supply for OG3 Frame
  • 3x Ross Video DRA-8804-R2H Two Independent Channels of 3G/HD/SD-SDI Reclocking Distribution on one card. Dual 1×8 with included HD-BNC high density R2H rear module.
  • 4x Ross Video VEA-8707A-R2L Analogue Video Equalizing Amplifier,Clamping and Differential Input with Looping Rear Module, R2L-8707. AC or DC input coupling with Back Porch clamp. Precision equalization for Belden 8281, 1694 or 1505 cable types. 1 input/8 Out with passive loop through
  • 5x Ross Video HDC-8223A-S-R2 3G/HD Downconverter with 4 reclocked outputs and 4 configurable SD/analog outputs, DA and Framesync. Aspect ratio conversion with reticule overlays for full apeture and safe area
  • 6x Ross Video DMX-8259-4C-R2C Demultiplexes 4 Analog audio channels from a HD/SD SDI Video Stream Full with audio proc, sum, swap, invert, shuffle, gain, delay 1 HD/SD SDI Input, 4 analog out, 1 Embedded processed Output. Includes R24C-8259 Rear Module.
  • 2x Ross Video MUX-8258-4C-R2C HD/SD 4 Channel Analog audio Multiplexer with rear I/O Multiplexes 4 Analog audio Channels into a HD/SD SDI Video Stream Full with audio proc, sum, swap, invert, shuffle, gain, delay 1 HD/SD SDI Input, 4 analog In, 1 Processed HD/SD SDI Output. Includes R24C-8258 Rear Module.
  • 4x Ross Video ADA-8405-C-R2C Analog Audio and Timecode DA with Remote Gain w/ Rear Module Dual 1×4 or Single 1×8 Analog audio and timecode distribution. Remote Gain control via DashBoard Control System. 2 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs.
  • 1x Ross Video DSS-8224-R2 Configurable automatic switch module DUAL 2×1 or 4×2 for 3G / HD / SD-SDI, configurable as auto change-over
  • 1x Ross Video RCM-8120 Remote control module
  • 1x AJA OG-UDC 3G-SDI Up, Down, Cross-Converter
  • 1x Ross Video CB2S-PANEL Carbonite Black 2S Control Panel
    • 24 Crosspoint buttons
    • 2 full ME control rows
    • Effect Memory keypads for each ME row
    • Mnemonics for Crosspoint Source and Keyer Source display
    • 4 Custom Control bank select buttons (provides 96 macro buttons)
    • Panel Glow – full RGB led buttons
    • Ethernet rack frame connectivity
    • Redundant power option
  • 1x Ross Video CB1-PANEL Carbonite Black 1 Control Panel
    • 16 Crosspoint buttons
    • 1 full ME control row
    • Mnemonics for Crosspoint Source and Keyer Source display
    • 4 Custom Control bank select buttons (provides 64 macro buttons)
    • Panel Glow – full RGB led buttons
    • Ethernet rack frame connectivity
  • 2x Ross Video PSU-12V16A-6PIN Redundant Power for Carbonite Panel
  • 1x Ross Video CBF-236PLUS 36 Input 2 M/E Frame with 1 PSU. Standard System Includes:
    • Multi-Definition support for any of the following formats: 525, 625, 1080i 50, 1080i 59.94, 720P 50, 720P 59.94, 1080pSF 25, 1080pSF 29.97 and 1080pSF 23.98
    • Dual MultiViewer with up to 16 Internal/External Source Display each.
    • 1 Reference input with 2 independently adjustable reference outputs
    • 1 LTC BNC input for use with Ross Video Exclusive
    • 5 Keyers with Luma/Linear/Chroma or DVE Keying abilities per M/E
    • 4 Channel Animation Store with 8 GB of Memory and MediaManager WebUI
    • Format Scaler and Frame Sync on every input
    • Color Correction and Proc Amp on every input
    • Wipes and Masks with soft edge borders
    • 10 Outputs: 9 Assignable HD/SD-SDI(1-8 and PV), 1 PGM HD/SD-SDI
    • USB Media Drive for storing/loading of switcher configuration, memories, custom controls and media files 34 GPIO connections each assignable to GPI or GPO function
    • 34 Tally connections
    • 2RU Chassis
    • Full 10-Bit Processing in both HD and SD modes 4:3/16:9 Switchable
    • 10 Meter Control Panel Cable
  • 1x Ross Video PSU-48V5.9A-4PIN Redundant Power for Carbonite Frame
  • 4x Ross Video SHC-9642 3G/HD/SD SDI to HDMI Converter
  • 1x Ross Video CBPS-DashMenu Carbonite Black Menu Control PC with TouchScreen. Includes 15 inch Touchscreen with Dell VESA Mount PC and DashBoard Preloaded
  • 1x Ross Video RCP-QE18 Remote Control Panel
  • 1x Ross Video ULTRIX-FR1 1RU Frame w/ 16×16 plus 2 AUX (Ultrimix and Ultriclean included)
  • 1x Ross Video ULTRIX-HDB-IO I/O Board – 16×16 plus 2 AUX (Ultrimix and Ultriclean included)
  • 1x Ross Video ULTRIX-PS Redundant power supply
  • 2x Ross Video ULTRISCAPE Software license that enables 1 multiviewer head
  • 2x Ross Video SFP-HDMI-OUT SDI to HDMI/DVI Transmitter. Lose input of the AUX I/O port with this SFP.
  • 2x Ross Video RCP-QE36 Ethernet enabled, fully SW configurable 1RU remote control panel – 36 Programmable LCD Buttons + 8 Fixed Function Buttons
  • 1x Ross Video RCP-ME Ethernet enabled, 40 Luminated Button Panel with Backlight Ultra-Flexible Configuration, each button is fully programmable 16×2 Character Backlit LCD Display, 1 RU
  • 1x AJA FS1 Multiformat video processor, SDI and analog inputs, 10-bit 4: 2: 2 processing for 3G / HD / SD-SDI and analog (composite / components), executes UP / Down / Cross and standards conversion for all formats up to 2160p60. Extended control of video and audio parameters, 1 RU
  • 2x Ross Video NK-3G164-RCP Emergency Preselector 3G 12×4, with reclocking, front panel and CleanSwitch
  • 2x Ross Video NK-GPI NK-GPI interface
  • 2x Datavideo VS-150 Waveform Monitor & Vectorscope
  • 2x Decimator MD-HX HDMI to HD / SD-SDI converter
  • 1x Intel NUC Kit includes memory, SSD hard drive and Win10 management software
  • 2x HP laptops 15.6”, HD, Intel® Core™ i5, 4 GB RAM
  • 1x Datavideo TLM-170PM 17.3″ HD/SD TFT LCD 1U Foldable Rackmount Monitor, input 3G/HD/SD-SDI/2x HDMI
  • 1x Leader LV 5770A Waveform monitor with CineZone function
  • 1x Leader LR 2770A Rackmount kit
  • 1x Kramer VS-41H HDMI switcher 4:1
  • 2x Kramer VM-2HXL 1:2 HDMI Distribution amplifier
  • 1x Wohler AMP1-S8MDA-3G Audio monitor 8 analogue audio channels and HD/SD-SDI embedded, 1UR
  • 3x Cisco SG350-28P 28-Port Gigabit PoE Managed Switch
  • 2x Ross Video SRG-4500 Master Reference and Test Signal Generator
  • 1x Ross Video ACO-4500 Automatic Changeover Unit for SRG-4400 Generator
  • 5x 32MD-ST Patch video panel 2×32 in 1RU
  • 50x MVPC006-SA 0,6M BLACK Patch cord patch panel 60cm, black
  • 15x MVPC009-SA 0,9M BLACK Patch cord patch panel 90cm, black
  • 3x PPA 48 Patch audio bantam 2x 48 1RU Includes 10 black 60cm patch cords
  • 1x Apple Mac mini 2.8Ghz, 1TB hard drive, it does not include editing software applications
  • 2x Decimator MD-HX HDMI to HD / SD-SDI converter 4 SDI outputs
  • 3x Panasonic AU-XPD1 P2 card reader
  • 1x Panasonic AJ-PD500 Compact AVC-Ultra P2HD recorder / player. Codecs: AVC- Intra, AVC-LongG, DVCPROHD / 50/25 and DV.
  • 2x Panasonic AJ-P2E060FG 60GB P2 cards
  • 1x AJA UDC Converter SD-SDI to HD-SDI (for optional DVCAM VTR)
  • 1x Clear-Com ECLIPSE HX-PICO Matrix of 32 ports. Redundant configuration, with 2 power supplies. Possibility of link in 2 matrices (64 ports) and 4 extra I/O. The matrix has a modularity concept for the stations and is compatible with other existing brands. 1U rack
  • 5x Clear-Com V12LDX5Y-IP Intercom panel with 12 keys, switch type and with 10 character display. Level adjustment by crossing point, connection for headset on XLR 5, audio I/O and rear panel GPI. It has internal DSP (EQ, Dynamic). Option “Listen Again”. It incorporates speaker.
  • 1x Clear-Com V32LDX5Y-IP Intercom panel with 32 keys, switch type and with 10 character display. Level adjustment by crossing point, connection for headset on XLR 5, audio I/O and rear panel GPI. It has internal DSP (EQ, Dynamic). Option “Listen Again”. It incorporates speaker.
  • 1x Clear-Com FREESPEAK FSII-BASE-II Wireless and digital base station Freespeak II system. Capacity up to 10 antennas (with splitter) and up to 25 pouches. 4 4-wire ports plus 2 Parti Line or Analog Audio ports. Frec. of work 1.9GHz or 2.4GHz.
  • 5x Clear-Com FREESPEAK FSII-BP-19-X5 Full duplex digital wireless belt of the Freespeak II 1.9GHz system. Up to 5 communication ch. Robust design
    Connection to the headset via XLR5.
  • 5x Clear-Com FREESPEAK BAT60 Li-On Batteries (BAT60)
  • 5x Clear-Com FREESPEAK II AC-60Charger for FSII system packs, with 5 bays for charge of pouches or Li-On batteries (BAT60)
  • 1x Clear-COm SPLITTER FREESPEAK FSII-SPL Antenna splitter for FSII-SPL system. Connection of up to 5 antennas to FSII station (or EclipseHX Matrix). Possibility of
    connection by F.O. to the FSII station.
  • 4x Clear-Com ANTENA FREESPEAK FSII-TCVR-19 Active antenna for Freespeak II system. 1.9GHz. Capacity of 5 simultaneous coverage of up to 5 pouches. 300m coverage radius. IP65. Connection to base station through F.O. and Cat5.
  • 1x Clear-Com LQ-R4W8 IP- BOX Stackable interface to interconnect 8 intercom channels in 4-wire systems to IP / WAN / LAN. Telephony / Matrices / Radio. Opus Codec up to 12KHz. PoE and CCM Software web configuration.
  • 13x Clear-Com CC-300-X5 Micro earphone with 1 ear flap, open type. ON / OFF switch on microphone. XLR-5M connector. ClearCom standard. Includes pad and transport bag
  • 6x Clear-Com CC-400-X5 “Micro earphone with 2 earmuffs, open type, microphone ON / OFF switch, XLR-5M connector, ClearCom standard, includes pad and carrying bag
  • 2x Clear-Com GM-9 Flexi microphone 22cm (9 “) For the Encore series and Matrix
  • 4x Reel with 150 meters of CAT-6 cable
  • 4x Reel with 150 meters with power strip 4 sockets
  • 1x Clear-Com V12LDX4Y-IP “Panel intercom of 12 keys, type switch and with display of 10 characters. Level adjustment by crossing point, connection for XLR 4 headset, audio I / O and rear panel GPI. It has internal DSP (EQ, Dynamic). Option “” Listen Again “. It incorporates loudspeaker.
  • 1x Allen & Heath DLIVE-DLC15/X Surface dLive C Class C1500, one 12 “screen, 12 faders, 6 in / line, 6 out of line 2 in / 2out AES, 1 port I / O
  • 1x Allen & Heath DLIVE-DM32/X MixRack dLive S class DM32, processing for 128×64 I / O, 32 inputs / 16 outputs, 1 ME-1 port 1 I / O port, gigaACE
  • 1x Allen & Heath DLIVE-S7/X S700 control surface with 216 assignable fader strips, 36 faders over 6 layers, dual 12″ capacitive touchscreens
  • 1x Allen & Heath DLIVE-DM48/X MixRack dLive S class DM48, processing for 128×64 I / O, 48 inputs / 24 outputs, 1 ME-1 port 1 I / O port, gigaACE.
  • 2x Allen & Heath MPS-16 Dlive Power Supply
  • 1x Allen & Heath M-DANTE-A Dante Module-interface Card
  • 2x Allen & Heath M-DL-GOPT-A Fiber optic network card
  • 2x Rell of 200m optical OpticalCon fibre
  • 1x Adapter Connection of 2 OpticalCon
  • 2x Reel of 100 meter CAT6 cable
  • 2x Reel of 200 meter CAT6 cable
  • 2x Reel of 200 meter of 3×2.5mm electric hose with PowerCom connectors
  • 1x Denon DN-700C Network CD / Media Player
  • 1x AEQ TH-03.1 EX (1L) Digital Hybrid of a line, with Frequency Extender. Rack 19 “, 1 U height.
  • 1x Rear Panels: Made up of 8 video panels 20×1, 3 panels of audio 16×1 and 2 panels
  • 2x Stage Box for Outdoor Sound Rack-1 (will integrate the Sound console, wireless microphone and IEM)
  • 1x Cisco SG350-28P 28-port gigabit POE managed switch
  • 3x QTX Microphone bags and accessories
  • 1x Tripod bag
  • 2x Genelec 8040BPM 2-way studio monitor. 1×6.5 “and 1x 3/4”. Frequency response of 58Hz-20kHz, bi-amplified. Power of 90W in bass and 90W in treble. In balanced XLR. Magnetic.
  • 2x Genelec 8020DPM 2-way studio monitor. 1×4 “and 1x 3/4”. Frequency response of 62Hz-20kHz, biamplifi ed. Power of 50W in bass and 50W in treble. In balanced XLR.
  • 4x Genelec 8000-402B wall mounts
  • 1x Pinanson Volume control in 1RU, ref PT19090
  • 2x Sonifex RB-SD1 Silence detector with two-way automatic switch, configurable
  • 4x Shure SM58 LCE Vocal microphone for singing and / or narration. Dynamic type Response 50-15,000 Hz. Cardioid polar pattern. Impedance 150 Ohm. Sensibility 1,85mV. XLR3 connection. Includes A25D clip and case.
  • 6x Sennheiser SKM 2000 BK Hand transmitter, black color, 64 switchable frequencies, 75Mhz bandwidth
  • 6x Sennheiser MMD 935-1 Dynamic microphonic capsule, cardioid polar pattern
  • 2x Sennheiser SK 2000 Phantom transmitter, 64 switchable frequencies, 75Mhz bandwidth
  • 2x Sennheiser MKE 40-4 Black lavalier cardioid microphone, connector for 2000 series
  • 3x Sennheiser EM 2050 2CH diversity receiver, 64 switchable frequencies, 75Mhz bandwidth
  • 2x Sennheiser A 3700 UHF Omnidirectional antenna with built-in booster
  • 1x Sennheiser AD 3700 Active directional antenna with built-in booster
  • 1x Sennheiser SR 2050 Dual stereo transmitter for wireless IEM transmitter
  • 2x Sennheiser EK 2000 IEM Receiver for IEM monitor system. Includes IEM headset personal monitor IE4
  • 3x KONIGMEYER SEMS 3135 Tripod + black extendable arm
  • 2x K-TEC KEG88CC Boom Pole of 6 sections (58-234cm)
  • 3x Reel of 50 meters lost low cable 50 OHM
  • 1x TVPROMPT Simple Conference System, designed to speak in public, controlled by your own conference or by a tour operator. Screen size of 17″ 1000 nits, HDMI, VGA, VBSPAL. Software TVPROMPT-LE-V4.0
  • 1x Glidecam GLX30AB X-30 Professional Camera Stabilization System with Anton Bauer Battery Plate. Includes 7″ monitor in flightcase
  • 1x CCTV Security equipment system consisting of a CCTV recorder and 5 cameras distributed 1 on each outer side, one in the rear, and 1 inside the production area and 1 inside the sound area and one in the auxiliary.
  • 3x Allen Avionics HD-SDI-5R SD/HD-SDI video isolator, 5 channels in 1RU
  • 3x Allen Avionics VIT-75-5R 5-channel composite video isolator, in 1RU
  • 5x Pro Co Sound IT-8A Audio isolator
  • 1x PROCOSOUND SMA1204FBQ-100 Snake 16 (12x send+ 4×1/4″ TRS)
  • 1x Sony RM-280 Editing Controller
  • 13x Canford PDU Power Distribution Unit
  • 1x 50 meter CAT6 reel with outdoor connectors