£50,000 exc taxes & duties
Year Built: 2009
Capability: Two-Camera Wireless
Format: HD
Reference: 855

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A stalwart of news gathering in the UK, this right-hand drive compact HD DSNG van is fitted with front and rear transmission masts and is capable of supporting two wireless cameras for presenter-led news reportage.

The van’s two-camera set-up allows for a second camera to be used to collect event footage at the same time, or for multiple reporters to cover different in-the-field news and live reporting scenarios. The vehicle’s small footprint, meanwhile, makes it a flexible option even in space-limited settings.

Range of essential equipment included

The van comes with a range of equipment already in situ, while ES Broadcast is perfectly placed both to supply any missing kit, such as monitors, and to undertake any systems integration work you require to adapt the vehicle’s infrastructure for your needs.

A small production area in the rear of the van features a For-A HVS-300HS vision mixer panel capable of four input and four output channels. Alongside this is an Allen & Heath MixWizard WZ3 14:4:2 compact audio mixer., with audio monitoring provided by a TSL AMU2-2MA monitoring unit.

Miranda 16×16 3G video and analogue audio routing is controlled by two separate control panels, while an array of Crystal Vision digital glue frames and cards power distribution. An Ensemble BrightEye 56 HD/SD test and sync generator is included, as are a Focus Enhancements MC-2E media converter and four Imagine Communications Selenio X50 frame snychronizers/converters.

Front and rear transmission masts are controlled by a Yaesu G-250 antenna rotator and controller, while the DSNG van also includes a Fischer Panda 8000 generator, a Coleman Mach A/C unit and three-phase 230v power.

Please note, to preserve client confidentiality, photos may have been edited to remove branding logos or to disguise distinctive paintwork.

  • Sprinter van
  • Year Built: 2009
  • Chassis Model: Mercedes Sprinter 516 CDI
  • Mileage: 26,237 miles
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.3m x 2.2m x 2m
  • Weight: 2 tonnes
  • Driver Position: Right-Hand Drive
  • Power: 3 Phase 230V
  • Air Conditioning: 1x Coleman Mach
  • 1x For-A HVS-300HS 4in/4out HD-SDI vision mixer
  • 4x Imagine Communication Selenio X50 frame synchronizer and converter
  • TSL AMU2-2MA Audio monitoring
  • Allen&Heath MixWizard WZ3 14:4:2 compact audio mixer

1x Miranda CR 16×16 3G video router
1x Mirandad CR 16×16 analogue audio router
1x Miranda CP1616 video control panel
1x Miranda CP1616 audio control panel
Crystal Vision digital glue
1x Ensemble BrightEye 56 HD/SD test and sync generator
1x Focus Enhancements MC-2E bidirectional DV/SDI-to-analogue video conversion

Fischer Panda 8000 generator
2x Masts, 1x front and 1x rear
Yaesu G-250 antenna rotator and controller